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'AITA for converting my wedding ring intoto a necklace? My wife says I'm hiding my ring.'

'AITA for converting my wedding ring intoto a necklace? My wife says I'm hiding my ring.'


"AITA for converting my wedding ring to a necklace?"

I (m27) have been married to my wife (f26) for 11 months now. It’s been a good first year with ups and downs but that has more to do with outside events. We’re pretty strong and we usually know how to deal with disagreements.

I wear a wedding ring but I absolutely hate it. I love having something that commentates my marriage but I don’t like a ring. I told my sister about this last week and she offered to turn it into a necklace. I accepted and she made it into a really nice necklace.

When I showed my wife the necklace she had a weird reaction. She told me that she thinks it’s cute, but she thinks it’s weird that I’m hiding the ring. The thing is I’m not hiding the ring because I’ll usually wear it outside my shirt.

She also said I should’ve asked before I went and paid my sister to do that for me. I told her that the last thing I would do is to be unfaithful to her and that this has more to do with comfort. I feel like this is such a non issue but I could be wrong. AITA?

Reddit was split on this. Let's see what they had to say.

jessegames777 writes:

Kinda YTA I feel you on the hating rings thing. Tell her you'll wear a silicone ring on that finger or something as well as the necklace. But you're kinda the asshole here. Traditionally rings are to be worn not necklaces and its reasonable for her to expect you to wear your ring.

And you had it modified into the necklace without even telling her first let alone asking her opinion on the matter. I hate rings probably as much as you but even I would be offended by the matter.

Wearing the ring tells everyone 'hey im married' wearing a necklace doesn't say shit so she's not wrong to think you're trying to hide it.

adorabletechnology29 writes:

NTA. Rings aren’t always comfortable. Not uncommon to wear it on a necklace. Your ring is a symbol of your commitment. You are wearing it. Zip to do with being faithful.

kenziek369 writes:

YTA. Your wife has a right to feel odd that you would rather not wear your WEDDING RING. Also, you shouldn’t have made changes to your ring without discussing it first. Not a nice surprise. Hopefully you guys can find a compromise.

Hmmm...hard to say if OP is TA. What do you think?

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