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Man asks if he was wrong to let dad visit during honeymoon; says, 'it's no big deal.'

Man asks if he was wrong to let dad visit during honeymoon; says, 'it's no big deal.'


"AITA for letting my dad 'invade' our honeymoon?"

I m (26) recently got married to my wife (f24). We decided for our honeymoon that were going to spend a week on my parent’s vacation property that has a dock and a boat and then drive to the closest port for a cruise.

During our stay at the vacation property there was an issue with the boat. It was pretty minor and I told my dad about it and he insisted he come over and check it out and fix it. He said he’d be there for a few hours and be out of our hair. I told my wife and she reluctantly agreed because it was his boat that had an issue.

He came over, fixed the boat and I felt bad so I offered to go out with him and grab lunch, my treat. I felt bad that he drove two hours during a work week to fix up the boat for us to enjoy and wanted to treat him to a few beers and lunch. We left and we got back after two hours.

He left and we went back to our honeymoon. The issue is that after the honeymoon she complained that I let him invade our honeymoon and that I even went out with him during our honeymoon. I didn’t think it was an issue since it was his damaged property and he made an effort to help us enjoy our time. I feel like it’s no big deal AITA?

Additional info from OP:

I asked her to tag along to lunch. I got a lot of hate for saying “tag along” but I also did try and convince her by telling her about the nice food that the restaurant had and saying I’d think she like it.

While he was working on the boat I was helping him. I’m not going to lounge around while my dad is doing manual labor.

Our plan originally was to take the boat out and have a few drinks on the water front and then go out clubbing. Which we did later in the day. How many beers? He had 3 I had one. She wanted to call a repairman which I didn’t feel comfortable doing because my name isn’t on the boat’s paperwork

Here's how people judged OP:


NTA he did y'all a solid so y'all could use the boat. It'd be different if y'all went to Bora Bora and he was like 'surprise, bitches!!' wearing a straw hat and a piña colada in hand


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AshlynM2 writes:

Soft YTA. There were plenty of ways to say thank you and show your appreciation after your honeymoon.

Slow-Medicine-7273 writes:

Your Wife is the AH end of story. Your dad was a legend to help you both out.

DetroitHyena writes:

YTA. Simply taking him for a thanks lunch would’ve been fine. But you spent the entire day working on the boat with him while your wife sat alone and bored on your HONEYMOON. That was entirely unnecessary. Your dad wanted to fix it right then and there, fine, that’s his right as owner.

You didn’t have to have a boys’ day during your honeymoon, though. That was your choice and it was putting your father above your wife on your very first week together as husband and wife. It sets a gnarly precedent.

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