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Man asks if he's wrong to boycott wife's cooking if she doesn't 'respect' his diet.

Man asks if he's wrong to boycott wife's cooking if she doesn't 'respect' his diet.


When you're trying to lost weight, it helps to have support from your SO. When this husband doesn't trust his wife, he asks the popular Reddit forum:

'AITA for refusing to eat my wife’s cooking after I found out she was sabotaging my calorie counting?'

I’m currently on a fitness journey and I’m trying to get in shape. I’ve been dieting and working out consistently for 6 months and have seen serious changes. I’m sculpting a 6 pack, my arms, legs, and chest are getting much more muscular, and I feel and look great.

My wife doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like that I go to the gym every day and that I eat healthier now. I think that’s crazy as I’m so much more physically attractive now that I’m shape so she should be in to it.

My wife does the majority of the cooking for the family. Usually I’ll just weigh out meals so I know how much I’m eating (which she also doesn’t like) so I can track what I’m eating accurately.

2 weeks ago, after I weighed out my meal, I went to my sons room to let him know dinner was ready. When I got back to the table I saw my wife mixing my bowl. She eventually admitted that sometimes she puts a little extra butter or oil in my food to slow my weight loss.

This evolved into a small fight after dinner. Now I haven’t eaten her cooking in 2 weeks and she’s upset about that.

I’ve been cooking for myself since I can’t trust her to not sabotage my body. She’s been mad about it since and wants me to eat what she cooks for me despite what she did. AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say on this.

mysconduct writes:

YTA. But you've got two hands and are grown up, you can also cook your own food. You also sound snobby and superior. It's great that your feel good about your body and your progress but maybe you are alienating your wife with the way you talk about it with her.

Maybe she feels like you are disrespectful of her cooking? I'm just spitballing, but it sounds like you two need to have a talk.

waterfallblue disagrees:

NTA. It's undeniably AH behavior to manipulate someone's food. Instead of communicating like an adult she chose sabotage. Seriously not a good look.

mothertheresaonlyfans makes this interesting point:

NTA. Obvious question: Is your wife overweight?

People like your wife often get upset when their partner starts making healthy lifestyle changes because it makes them feel insecure.

Sometimes it's because they want to remove the implicit pressure for them to also make healthy changes.

Other times it's because they fear that if their partner loses weight and gets in shape that they will leave.

Both, or a combination of the two, are disturbingly common when two overweight or otherwise unhealthy people are in a relationship and one of them starts to get in shape.

You need to sit your wife down and make it clear that her trying to sabotage your health and fitness goals is completely unacceptable, and that if she is feeling insecure about herself or is worried about you leaving or finding her unattractive, that she needs to TALK to you (and a therapist) about those feelings rather than sabotaging you.

Well, there you have it. It's unclear whether or not OP is TA. Is he? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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