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Man pokes wife by saying she was 'so close' to getting dream job; she's furious.

Man pokes wife by saying she was 'so close' to getting dream job; she's furious.


'AITA for telling my wife she was 'so close' to getting her dream job?'

I'm a 33-year-old man and my wife is 27.

Since the start of our relationship, my wife has been very particular about how things get done, and tends to believe that she knows the one true correct way for anything related to anything. She has admitted that she can be a control freak. While this bothers me, it has never been a true dealbreaker in our relationship.

Very often when I do just about anything, whether it be a household chore, assembling a piece of furniture, taking a picture, or writing a presentation for work (in a field where I have a master's degree and she has no formal education), she'll do this thing where she'll condescendingly say 'You were so close to getting it right,' really drawing out the 'so close' part.

I've told her dozens of times that I'd prefer for her to stop because it sounds so condescending, but she insists that she's complimenting me.

I do the dishes and place them out to dry in an orientation she doesn't approve of? She says, 'You were so close. Next time, put them that way.' I take a picture of her? She says, 'You were so close. Next time, angle the camera this way.'

I complete a project at work and show her the results? She says, 'You were so close. Next time, write it this way.'

For the last two months my wife has been undergoing an intensive hiring process for a job in our city. She works in a highly niche field and seldom finds job openings, and therefore she was ecstatic to have the opportunity for a relatively well-paying job doing what she wants to do.

She got to the very final stage where the company was considering two people, coincidentally the other of whom was her college roommate. Well, on Friday she got 'the call' telling her thanks for her application but blah blah blah, record on file, all that jazz.

My wife came to me crying. I immediately comforted her and 'You were so close' blurted out. Her head whipped up and she asked what I meant by that. I said she was so close to getting the job, but was just a bit off.

She immediately walked out to stay at her friend's house, where she is currently sulking. She finally sent me a text this afternoon calling me a huge jerk. Was I unnecessarily being an asshole here?


Invisigoth2113 says:

Man, you were so close to being the a**hole, but after all you've endured, NTA.

Curious-One4595 says:

Brilliant. If OP’s reaction was hugely jerkish, it was the result of a continuous series of cruel little micro aggressions by his wife. Her calling him a jerk is an indictment of her own behavior. She made this and she earned this. NTA.

L-Anderson says:

OP ignore all the E S H or Y T A comments, you have finally confirmed for yourself that her comments were not in fact compliments but condescending jabs.

Fmeson says:

ESH. Your wife is an a**hole for constantly giving minor back handed insults. You are the a**hole for kicking her while shes down. Yall could benefit from some counseling.

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