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Man asks he was wrong to tell picky eater wife she can stay home for Thanksgiving.

Man asks he was wrong to tell picky eater wife she can stay home for Thanksgiving.


The holidays can be stressful, especially for families where one member has specific dietary requirements. When you get big groups of people together it becomes really hard to prepare food that works for everyone.

In a post on Reddit, a man asked if he was wrong for wanting his wife to suck it up and eat some foods she doesn't like, in order to keep the peace. She said no, and here's how that played out...

My wife is a grade A+ picky eater. It's bothersome to a certain degree, but during holidays basically the sh*tshow begins. She's refused to eat certain meals and mom would take it personally...which results in a series of arguments between them.

As a compromise this year, my wife offered to bring her own food to Thanksgiving dinner. I was stunned. I asked if she thought this through, and she looked at me confused. I told her about how weird it'd be for her to bring her own food especially when she wouldn't be sharing it with anybody else, and told her to think about how mom will react.

She got very offended and upset. My wife said that it's not her problem, and that she was just trying to make it work by bringing her own meal. I told her again that mom might not like nor even allow this. She blew up at me asking if I want her to either eat food she doesn't like or go hungry.

I suggested she give my mom's food a chance, but she said it wasn't about my mom's cooking, she just doesn't like certain foods. We had an argument and I ended up telling her she could stay home this Thanksgiving and have whatever meal she likes.

She got quiet and then lashed out at me, calling me insensitive, and negative for saying this to her. I repeatedly asked her to calm down, but she couldn't stop ranting about how I was basically willing to exclude her from a major event.

She started cold shouldering me about it while at the same time guilting me saying I'm treating her poorly after she offered the 'perfect compromise'.

Here's what people had to say:

castzpg says:

YTA. She offered compromise. My wife's family does the feast of the 7 fishes. I hate fish. So since I joined the family it's the feast of the 7 fishes and a chicken. We all get a good laugh and my MIL is happy to make it for me.

UsernameTaken93456 says:

YTA for not standing up for your wife.

sodefeted says:

Definitely YTA why is your mommy’s feelings more important than having your wife with you at thanksgiving? Your wife offered a completely acceptable solution and you picked a fight with her and the kept telling her to “calm down” (because that always works when you act like a jack a**)

an0nym0uswr1ter says:

YTA. Do you even like your wife? This whole post is about how your mommy will be offended. Stop being a mamma's boy and stick up for your wife. She offered a compromise and you shut it down because of mommy.

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