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Man's pregnant wife borrows his underwear; he 'flips out,' says she's 'not allowed.'

Man's pregnant wife borrows his underwear; he 'flips out,' says she's 'not allowed.'


AITA for borrowing my husbands underwear?

So I (28f) am about 7-8 months pregnant and while I've thankfully not gained a lot of weight, my belly has grown a lot and I find that most of my underwear is too small and cuts into my sides/bottom of my belly. After a while I started getting a rash in the places where it was too tight due to friction I guess.

So one day I was getting dressed and I was getting frustrated about the rash and the underwear being too small, so I figured I'd try on a pair of my husbands (29m) boxers. They're size L and too big for me, but OMG it was the most comfortable thing I've ever tried on in my life. Breezy and loose and even the places where I had the rash didn't hurt.

My husband had already left for work for the day, so I decided to just borrow them. At the end of the day we both come home and I tell him that I borrowed his underwear and asked if it was okay to continue borrowing some until the baby comes (less than 2 months left) or at least until the rash is better. He seemed a bit weirded out but said it was okay.

Fast forward a few days and we're going to bed and he flips out at me and asks me why I'm wearing his 'good' bamboo underwear. I'm confused, but he points at the band where it says bamboo. Then he goes on a long rant about how his few pairs of bamboo underwear are the comfiest and best quality etc etc (I swear this is not an ad for bamboo underwear).

I apologized and said I just picked the pair off the top just like I did the other times, but he was upset and said I wasn't allowed to borrow his underwear anymore. I said I wouldn't borrow the ones that said bamboo on them since it bothered him, but he just drew a hard line saying I should go buy bigger underwear for myself and stop stealing his.

Now, I'm thinking this is probably more about how he actually doesn't want me to borrow his underwear, and he's using me accidentally taking the 'wrong' pair as an excuse, but I'm not sure.

While I can understand not wanting to share your underwear, I also think it's unneccesary to go out and buy a bunch of large pairs of womens underwear that will be used for maybe 2 months at most. I also think it shouldn't be that big of a deal since I'm the one who washes and folds his underwear anyway, and he has about a hundred pairs, so it's not like he'll run out of them.

And I also kinda feel like since I work full time, buy all groceries, cook and clean ON TOP OF CARRYING OUR BABY (with everything that includes such as physical changes to my body) him having to lend me his underwear is a small price to pay to help out with the pregnancy.

I also bought him 8 more pairs of bamboo underwear as an apology but he still doesn't seem to want to share his regular pairs with me. Maybe I should've been petty and bought them for myself instead. Hehe. So anyway reddit, AITA for thinking my husband should let me borrow his underwear? Or am I just entitled?

Here's how people judged OP:

Chemical_Relation008 writes:

You work full time, cook, clean, do laundry and buy groceries. What exactly is your lazy selfish AH of a husband bring to the table, exactly???

Because TBH, it seems to me you'd be happier and have more free time for yourself without somebody bitching about you borrowing a few clothing items, while he sits in his ass after work and do nothing at all to maintain the house he also lives in, specially now that you're heavily pregnant.

Keep the new underwear, throw away the husband.

StealerOfUnderwear OP responded:

I do most of the indoor things, such as cleaning, cooking etc. He does most outdoor things, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, taking care of cars, maintaining the pool etc. So he has a decent ammount of chores during summer, but not much to do during winter.

I've asked him to help me buy groceries though since they're getting heavy to carry home. So far he's done it twice in a month, but I'm hoping it will be more often as the due date draws closer!

Comfortable_Ad8516 writes:

I had to ask my husband for his opinion because I wanted a man’s POV. He says if you wear them, you own them. Buy more underwear.

StealerOfUnderwear OP responded:

Interesting, thank you for asking him!

ionlyreadtitle writes:

Yta. I absolutely hate people wearing my clothes. If it has to be done. I let them keep the clothes. Or I throw them out after. And underwear. Absolutly no way. I'd never wear underwear again if sometime put them on.

Refried_Beanzz writes:

NTA. During my last month of pregnancy I finally got a big ole belly and my underwear didn’t fit so you know what I did? I wore my husbands boxers. They were so comfy and stretchy. He didn’t care one bit just as long as I was comfortable while carrying our child. You should’ve kept the apology pair for yourself so you’d be comfortable.

Refried_Beanzz writes:

I read your other comment where he also said he doesn’t find his underwear sexy on you. This is not okay OP. You’re pregnant and it’s no effort for him to let you use them even if he deems it “not sexy”.

Your comfort matters but since he wants to be an AH just buy yourself a few and be as comfortable as possible. I wish you well the rest of your pregnancy and fast healing during recovery!

Otherwise-Shallot-51 writes:

Why would he care if you're wearing boxers that are your own?

Fun-Two-1414 writes

NTA. Just keep the new ones you brought for yourself.

StealerOfUnderwear OP responded:

I don't think he'd be happy if I bought boxers for myself because apparently they're a turn-off for him.

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