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MIL accuses DIL of cheating on son, 'get your baby a DNA test.' DIL says 'you first.'

MIL accuses DIL of cheating on son, 'get your baby a DNA test.' DIL says 'you first.'


In-laws can be the best people or the worst people ever, but when it's bad, it's really bad.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her MIL she won't get a DNA test for her baby unless her MIL gets one for OP's husband. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my MIL if she expects me to get a DNA test for my son, then I want her to get a DNA test for my husband?"

I (30F) met my husband Stephen (32) at a party hosted by his cousin/my friend. We instantly connected and started dating not long after. We have been happily married for 5 years now and have a 4-month-old son. I met my MIL at his uncle's funeral, he asked me to attend in support of him.

Before we left, his cousin warned me about MIL, he said she wasn't the nicest person, and she had impossibly high standards to meet and can be judgmental, so don't take it personally, as she's like that with everyone. I did ask my husband and he agreed that MIL can be quite judgmental, but not to worry, that he'll be there for me. I felt like they gave me the sugar-coated version of her because she was terrible.

She made a scene about bringing a stranger to a family funeral, but my husband cut her off and said his aunt, who was his uncle's widow said he could. She spent the rest of the funeral giving me nasty looks and making passive-aggressive comments. She made a scene at our wedding, but that's a different story. After minimal contact with MIL, my husband eventually got around to telling her I was pregnant.

I expected her to be angry and have a go at him. But she surprised us both and was the complete opposite. She was excited about being a grandmother. She was congratulating us. Her attitude did a complete turn and I grudgingly allowed her to visit. When it was time to give birth to my son, she wanted to see my son being born, but I refused.

That's when her ugly side reared its head again and she caused a scene and was thrown out. I refused to let her visit us at home, my husband agreed. But she rang crying and apologizing. She said she was just overwhelmed about being a grandmother and her emotions got the better of her. Against my better judgment, I relented and said okay.

When she first held him she looked at me and said he was beautiful! I went into the kitchen to get us a drink and then I could hear my husband telling her to get out! I went back in, she started yelling he needed to get baby tested because he doesn't look like anyone in their family. He kicked her out.

She took to social media and told everyone that I cheated on my husband and that my husband needs to get a DNA test to prove he was the dad. She got a lot of attention for that. So I made my own post and said I'll get a test when she gets test for her son! That just made everything worse! She rang my husband up telling him to take it down. He just hung up on her.

Everyone divided and questioning my husband's paternity since she had such a strong reaction to it. Now even my husband is starting to wonder and making me feel I went too far and I'm thinking AITA for saying that?

Redditors were fully invested in the drama.

OneFellUnderADay wrote:

NTA. She doesn't sound stable at all, and I would be worried about what she would do around the child. Even if she was just another weirdly inc*stuous boy mom, that mood swing, going from one extreme to another, in a blink of an eye, goes beyond AH into dangerous territory.

Also, her demanding to "see the birth" and immediately taking to social media also indicates she has no concept of boundaries. To have someone like that around your child, even if she doesn't do anything drastic, could be very damaging. Also, if she wants to make her delusions public, she can handle your PUBLIC response. If you don't want a witch hunt, don't make a pyre.

VioletLily2 wrote:

NTA. Maybe not the nicest way to handle it, but when you deal with s#$t, your hands are bound to get dirty. Keep holding your ground and just tell her to stop spouting lies about you on SM or you will continue to embarrass her on your own account, and she can face the consequences of her own actions.

Antelope_31 wrote:

NTA. She’s deranged. No contact with her again, and move on with your drama-free lives enjoying your beautiful new baby. Tell your husband if he really wants a paternity test you’d be happy to provide one and at that point, he’ll also be paying child support forever while you marry someone else who will actually trust you and not throw away his marriage because of an unstable and manipulative relative.

He should be protecting you and your child together from all of this nonsense, and cutting off anyone who participates in it. He should make a simple, very clear post stating that anyone who questions his paternity will not be welcome in his home ever again, full stop. His mother’s irrational allegations are disgraceful. You owe none of these people any explanations, arguments or time.

thatdamnsqrl wrote:

Nope. No, NTA.

Also, super glad that your husband has your back and has been overall, on your side and not swayed by his mom's bs. You married a good one!

OP is NTA here, she's dealing with a deeply unhinged MIL, and life will be easier when that woman is fully cut off.

Sources: Reddit
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