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Woman yells at MIL for live streaming her asleep, now she's about to divorce. AITA?

Woman yells at MIL for live streaming her asleep, now she's about to divorce. AITA?


Nobody likes to wake up to a live stream. The question is — is that grounds for divorce? As the zoomers grow up, we'll get legislation on this. Until then, we have Reddit. On Reddit's Am I the A**hole, one woman asks if she's overreacting.

AITA for not moving on after my mother-in-law live streamed my bedroom with me sleeping in it to my relatives?

We had just bought a house and mother-in-law is visiting us for a few days. Obviously, she was excited about the house, and would video call other relatives to show the house. One day I was sleeping in my bedroom when I suddenly noticed the door open, and a hand with the phone inside the room.

Turns out, she herself was standing outside the room, but was live streaming the bedroom with me asleep in it to some relative. I woke up quickly, covered myself (it was the middle of summer and I was wearing my skimpy summer pyjamas) and called my husband to handle the situation.

He told her off and she apologized. But later she came to me and said that I shouldn’t have overreacted because she was just showing her grandson the house. Her grandson is 11 years old and according to her it was ‘not such a big deal’.

I can’t get over the ‘not such a big deal’ comment. I am unable to forget the incident and my already troubled relationship with my husband is actually coming to an end because of this.

He continuously tells me that since she apologized, I should move on and that I am ‘obsessed’ with hatred towards his mother. I didn’t hate his mother before this incident, but her nonchalance towards the whole event and my husband gaslighting me over it is making it impossible for me, even though it’s almost been a year that this happened.

It doesn’t help that I am eight months pregnant and she has not called me even once to find out how I am. She talks to my husband, almost daily and inquires about me. AITA for not moving on after she live streamed me sleeping half naked me in my bedroom?

Editing to add that she was not live-streaming because I didn’t have any clothes on (she genuinely didn’t know that when she opened the door or until I jumped up in surprise when I saw her hand). She was live-streaming the house as a whole and not me in particular.

But she was aware that I was sleeping in my room. I am not making excuses but I don’t want to give an impression that my mother in law was trying to do something illegal. Violation of privacy perhaps. But nothing more.

A year into the drama, OP has these comments to read.

From callmesillysally:

OP, is your MIL from a different country? I’ve heard a similar story but the MIL kept trying to justify it by saying it’s normal in her culture.

NTA. She invaded your privacy and exposed you while you were sleeping. You have every right to be angry with her. Also, you shouldn’t expect any phone calls from her b/c she’s victimizing herself.

OP responded:

Wow that is a frighteningly accurate catch. She is from another country and she did say that it was normal in her culture.

From Nitro114:

NTA Wtf, that is an insane privacy violation. And punishable by law if i‘m not mistaken. Doing that is insane!

From diminishingpatience:

NTA. There's no good reason to be showing you in bed at night to a child. It's not even her home. Unfortunately your husband puts his mummy first.

From Maximoose-777:

ESH -- obviously your MIL for invading your privacy

your husband for not having your back

you, for staying in an “already troubled relationship with your husband” buying a house, and having a child. You should have put these on hold until you had a loving relationship

There's one in every comments section.

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