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Man asks if he's wrong to tell pregnant wife to be quieter while drinking.

Man asks if he's wrong to tell pregnant wife to be quieter while drinking.


When a baby's on the way, tensions are high between married couples. Every husband wants to do what's best for the their pregnant wife (I hope) but sometimes pregnant women can get on their husband's nerves. That said, is it EVER okay to get upset with your pregnant wife? When this father to be tells his wife that she's 'drinking too loudly', and she gets angry at him, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for telling my pregnant wife to drink more quietly?'

Me (31M) have been married to my wife (27F) for many 3 years now and she is currently pregnant with our first child. She is the love of my life and there is nothing I would change about her except for one little thing. The way she drinks water, or anything for that matter. -freedomfighter484

Oh man, I'm nervous OP....

I do not understand how it is possible for one person to gulp the drinks the way she does. you guys know how kids drink loudly and breathe into the glass? it is sorta like that. every single night, she has the same craving which is nutella on bread with middle eastern thing called zaatar on top of it, and understandably she would get quite thirsty as she has like 30 of these in one sitting.

At this point I can't tell if she's being annoying enough for him to be annoyed. There's more...

So she yells for me to grab her the massive bottle of water from the fridge, every single night, and she gulps it so loudly that the cats run out from the room. when i tell you guys it is loud to the point where i am scared it will trigger my migraine, i am not exaggerating.

He's not exaggerating folks!

She also pauses in between these MASSIVE gulps to take really loud breaths as if she is running a marathon. yesterday i reached my limit, and as she took her first loud gulp i lost it and yelled for her to lower her gulps and drink like a normal human being. She was startled, naturally, and accidentally choked on the water while drinking causing her to feel uncomfortable.

Okay that's it, is this guy the AH? I think he might be!

She told me she cant help it if our baby needs water, and that i am a massive asshole for making her feel bad for giving said baby that water. I told her that belly at this point might be 99% water and 1% baby which now thinking about it i should not have done because she started crying and called her mom in front of me and told her that i had shamed her for giving our baby its nutrients and vitamins and depriving the baby of water.

Okay but, the baby isn't 'deprived of water.'

I honestly do not feel like the asshole, but her mom, my mom, my sister and my wifes cousin are all telling me that i am a massive asshole who should not be allowed around the baby if i cant control my temper.

I'm on the fence at this point!

I tried calmly telling them how she has been gulping loudly for months, and they try to argue that it is a normal thing. So, should i get on my knees and apologize or should i wait for her to apologize for gulping? AITA?

Well, this is a weird one. Reddit was totally split on this issue. Let's take a look!

YTA. I'm just shuddering thinking about how you're going to react when the baby comes out and doesn't stop screaming at night for about a month... - nocoffeenopeace

Good point!!

Hot take but NTA. This might be strange, but he may be triggerd by specific sounds. I for instance have no problem with crying babies but if I hear someone snoring it will drive me up the wall. Same with chewing loudly. -pinkspock

Hmm...not a bad point either.

NTA. She's being melodramatic 'denying my baby nutrients' crap and being arrogantly loud. -otterlyoverwhelmed

Shots fired!

YTA. You’ve had 3 years to discuss this. Put your big boy pants on and have an adult conversation instead of screaming at your pregnant wife. - princessbanana

Well, I guess he IS the AH then.

YTA. She’s pregnant. She’s doing the best she can. She’s literally growing another human being in her body. Of course she’s going to drink a lot of water, and I don’t imagine she cares if she appeases your standards of etiquette right now. If extremely loud gulping makes you angry to the point of losing your temper, then your family is right. You should not be around children. - nocarpenter743

Well there you have it folks. The jury's out on this one. The lesson here? If someone you love is drinking loudly, maybe go into the other room? Who do YOU think is the AH in this situation?

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