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Woman faces emotional turmoil after husband's aunt forces marriage annulment. AITA?

Woman faces emotional turmoil after husband's aunt forces marriage annulment. AITA?


"AITAH for not wanting to remarry my husband after his aunt had him annul our marriage."


I (27) and now ex husband (29) got married in January of last year. We kept having issues because his aunt always wanted to control him. A week after our marriage she called me stating she had a lawyer and would pay for me to file for him to come to my country.

That raised instant red flags obviously so I got really skeptical. We never really discussed filing anything but we were open to it so I got really weirded out by how she came out of no where with that.

A few months pass by and I refused to take the offer. Next thing I know he tells me he is moving to the UK and had actually filed with some other woman as her “husband”.

He is now there and we have still been in communication. He told me she (the aunt) paid over 17k for a visa to get him there and she also is now trying to buy his way into a university in the states.

He still wants to be together , and wants me to remarry him after annulling our marriage behind my back. Btw I found out about the annulment through my mother after asking him several times and he kept denying it. Apparently his aunt was bragging about it. Now he’s confused as to why I don’t want to get remarried ???? AITAH for feeling traumatized and refusing ???

Update: For those misunderstanding, I was going to file on my own without the help of his aunt, I don’t like people holding things over me and using it against me in the future. I am extremely independent.

His aunt is a millionaire who feels like she can buy anyone. I was working on filing my taxes from prior years that I missed that’s why it was taking me a while to start my own process. All this happened within a span of 3 months after we got married.

Am I wrong for not wanting to be part of an enmeshed family ??? How can someone tell you to leave your wife and you just do it. She found out he still talks to me and she told him he disrespected her by still communicating with me.

And that she can find better “American girls” for him to marry. Btw she already tried to pay two of her students to do a fake marriage. This is someone who owns her own mental health practice. She is so manipulative.

She is a director of nursing and teaches at a university engaging in such weirdo behavior is so gross. She would tell me she can find him sugar mommys if she wanted to and make very back handed jokes towards me.

Update: People are doing illegal things everyday around the world. I have no reason to lie. I just wanted to see if I was crazy for feeling like I shouldn’t remarry this person. 🥴

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NTA. Please value yourself more and don't marry him. He disrespected you and your relationship. He also broke your trust. Just block him and move on. You deserve someone so much better than him.


Report him to immigration aswell incase he tries to commit anymore fraud.

The OP responded here:


Already did , submitted our marriage certificate and all and they didn’t believe me. The “new” marriage he did was made to look like it was from 2021. In Nigeria you can forge anything and they get away with it.


I didn't fully understand, your husband annualed the marriage without informing you so that he can get a Visa for the UK/ US ? Why was he so desperate for the Visa and why not just talk to you about it ? And how on earth did he annul the marriage without you knowing?

The OP again responded:


In Nigeria they can pay to make things disappear 🫠. I live in the US. I literally asked him before we got married and he acted like he didn’t care about coming here . So idk where the desperation came from.


Is he getting married to women just to get visas? He probably just married you to get one to the US.


Nta run girl, they are commit fraud and he doesn’t care about you at all.


NTA, cut contact with him completely and block him and his aunt.

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