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'Was I was wrong to mock my wife for telling our nephew to shut up?'

'Was I was wrong to mock my wife for telling our nephew to shut up?'


'AITA for mocking my wife and not defending her?'

I am honestly mostly shocked and confused. Basically my little brother (28) and his wife (29) and their kids were having dinner at my house with me and my wife (both late 30s FEMALE). Their eldest son is about 4 and is very happy and absolute fun to be around. He’s always talking and I adore it.

Admittedly, my wife isn’t a huge fan of kids but she knows how much I love my nephews and my brother and his wife so she compromises (the same way I compromise with her having her homophobic mother over very often).

Anyways, so we had eaten dinner and were sitting down in the living room. I put on my nephew’s favourite movie which is Coco. He kept telling us how he wanted to be a singer like the main character (Miguel) and would sing along and perform every song. My wife didn’t look entertained but she was involved and talking to us so I didn’t think there was an issue.

Well he kept singing this one song and my wife slammed her cup of tea on the table and yelled at him to shut up and proceeded to say that he was a terrible singer and would never be like Miguel. He obviously began to sob and ran to his parents who were furious.

They told my wife that if she had an issue with his singing she could’ve told them and they could’ve distracted him. Then they left. My wife looked at me and laughed saying that she was just telling the truth but I wasn’t having it. I told her that she was a massive bully and had no right to speak to him that way.

She told me to chill the f**k out and she was just doing the world a favour by crushing his dreams. She said this as a joke but it didn’t sit right with me AT ALL. I guess I made a face of disbelief and shock because she sounded so cruel to me and asked her if she was proud of herself and sarcastically said “because boy am I glad my wife crushed my little nephew’s dreams!”

She told me to “stop mocking her” and then called me dramatic and an over sensitive b*tch who should defend her and take her side as her wife. She’s never called me that before and now I’m wondering if I was wrong to mock her and not even attempt to defend her. But also why was she taking so much pride in what she said? Idk... AITA?

Here's what people had to say:

aPataPeladaGringa writes:

Bro seriously I gotta ask how do you feel that your wife would be abusive to a child like that then turn around, laugh about it then excuse her behavior because ' it's the truth'. You ok with all of that? I can tell you're not because what you said here. You know it is terribly wrong.

throwawayrdt05 OP responded:

I’m not which is why I’m avoiding her. I feel ridiculous sometimes too with the lengths I’m going to just to not talk to her until I figure my shit out. Thought posting on here would help.

FloridaMomm writes:

There’s a difference between being not a fan of kids and preferring adult company…and being straight up HORRIBLE to children. Your wife would never be welcome at a family function ever again if this happened in my family. Her behavior is inexcusable. I cannot even imagine the poor four year old’s face 😭

throwawayrdt05 OP responded:

Oh yeah. I really doubt she’s going to be welcomed by family anymore. Insulting the oldest grandchild who is generally known as sunshine? Good luck. His face was heartbreaking. I almost started to cry.

RndmIntrntStranger writes:

NTA. She BULLIED a 4 year old. and she laughed.

my question is: why are you with someone who could be cruel to a member of your family (one who cannot stand up for himself and is the most vulnerable) and calls you a “b!#ch” for calling her out for what she is?

throwawayrdt05 OP responded:

The thing is... she’s never done this before. Or maybe she’s never had the opportunity to? I’m shocked. I can’t be in the same room as her but she keeps insisting that I should apologize so we can forget this ever happened.

MisterUltimateXRP writes:

INFO: Before this gets deleted for essentially being a relationship post, why are you married to this woman? Was this legitimately the first time she's acted this way, or have you just been making excuses for it this whole time?

throwawayrdt05 OP responded:

Well my eldest nephew was only born 4 years ago and we aren’t around children (minus my nephews) much so apart from knowing she doesn’t want kids, I didn’t know she disliked kids to such an extent. She’s also always been a bit unafraid to speak her mind but it was never this bad. Like if you’re having a bad hair day, she’ll tell you straight up. But never anything like this.

RndmIntrntStranger writes:

Please don’t apologize. she wants you to forgive her bullying your nephew now (& in the future bc it WILL) happen again. Just bc she doesn’t like kids doesn’t give her a pass to mistreat them, esp when they’re family. I think you’re seeing a side of her that she has kept hidden from you.

Also, she laughed about your nephew crying after she yelled at him and told him that he can’t sing. no one can sing at the age of 4. was she expecting the second coming of Pavaratti? ugh.

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