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Wife books first class plane tickets for honeymoon; husband says 'fly by yourself.'

Wife books first class plane tickets for honeymoon; husband says 'fly by yourself.'


My wife 'Hannah' (F30) and I (M33) are going on a Europe vacation next year, visiting England, Italy and France. We got married a couple of months ago, so this is meant to be a late honeymoon.

Hannah and I are in the process of booking everything, we split it up so I was in charge of booking hotels and Hannah flights, and we checked with each other obviously. Well, yesterday she booked the flights and all of them were business/first class.

We have a flight from Paris to Milan and I said to go with a budget airline, but she booked that with Air France which is like, triple the price of the others.

I was furious. I asked her why she spent so much money on flights, Hannah said she thought we should spoil ourselves with all the luxuries for our honeymoon. I told her we need to change all of those to economy. She said I could change mine if I wanted, but she wants to experience first class for once.

We've been arguing about this, her reasoning is we (I) can afford it so why not. I have a well paying job, but this doesn't mean I can throw around money like this. I eventually said she can have all the first class flights she wants, but we need to drop one of the countries to use the hotel/sightseeing money for the plane.

Hannah got really upset and said she was just trying to make our honeymoon special. AITA?

ETA: we did discuss everything before booking, which hotels to book, which flights, etc.


MrsWitte83 says:

NTA. I'm married but I am super petty. I would cancel the whole thing. Money doesn't grow on trees and if her only argument is that you can afford it....girl bye. She made a unilateral decision after you both discussed everything prior and that is not ok. Ask her to pay the difference between economy and first class. NTA.

RecommendsMalazan says:

NTA. You say you had discussed what flights beforehand. So your wife is just saying fuck that and making her own decision, I guess? Not cool.

SirMarsprellot says:

NTA, she needs to be a bit more understanding. You're being reasonable.

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