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Husband furious wife didn't go to her birthday dinner over past pranks.

Husband furious wife didn't go to her birthday dinner over past pranks.


'AITA for not showing up to the birthday party that my husband planned for me?'

So, my husband is a jokester and a prankster. He has a habit of pulling pranks especially on my birthdays! He judges my reactions as 'overreactions' and says I should loosen up and be extra happy because he thinks he's making my birthdays extra funny.

But it actually upset me and put me in a position where I get laughed at and recorded by his family.

He planned for my 26th birthday this past week, which was held at a restaurant. I told him I wouldn't go if he was going to pull one of those pranks he's famous for because it's a public place and I did not want to be publicly humiliated.

He swore on his mom, on the bible, promised me and brought two witnesses. Wrote an agreement stating he'd pay $ money if he pulled a prank. I believed him and said that I'd go. I had to cancel with my parents who wantec to celebrate at their house.

The day of my birthday, I got a text from one of his friend's wives telling me she heard him tell her husband about the prank he was going to pull on me at the restaurant. I was stunned as she detailed what the plan was going to be. I felt so upset and anxious. He already went ahead and got to the restaurant to make sure all was set.

I ended up deciding to not go. He started calling then texting asking where I was and sayjng the party was going to start without me. I turned my phone off and went to my parents house and had a small party there.

I went home at 7pm and found my husband there fuming at me, He lashed out asking why on hell did I not show up to the party after he put money, time and effort in it. I told him why and he called his friend's wife a liar and reminded me of all thd promsise he made and accused me of not trusting his word.

I said I couldn't take the chance and risknhaving him basically ruin another birthday of mine. We had a huge argument then he starred giving the cold shoulder, while pointing out how I embarrassed him and wasted his time and money by not showing up.

Here's what people had to say:

Light_Seeker90 asks:

INFO: Is this friend's wife someone you know to be trustworthy? I don't know why she'd randomly call you and lie to you about a prank, but I'm just making sure

Lillian_daigle2309 OP responded:

Absolutely! She's like a sister to me and she too doesn't approve of this pranking habit. Her husband is the same as my husband.

throwawaycovert asked:

INFO: what kind of pranks are we talking about here?

Lillian_daigle2309 OP responded

The typical ones. Sometimes he'd go over the top and do something that really upsets me or freaks me out like that one time when he caused my old phone to get run down by his friend's car.

solarisink says:

Maybe I'm just a tightass, but I feel like if you need him to:

Swear on his mom, Swear on the bible, Promise you, Bring two witnesses, Write an agreement stating he'd pay $ money if he pulled a prank...

...and then you still have doubts... It's not a marriage worth being in. I couldn't live with this lack of trust. The fact that you both treated that like it was a normal conversation to have shows how deep into delusion you've gotten youselves.

acegirl1985 says:

Ugh, dear god we need to put an end to this jackass obsession with grown ass people pranking.

Grow the F up and act like a semi functioning human being for Christ’s sake. I am so sick of people using this as an excuse to be assholes.


YTA. First, he said he wouldn’t do it and you took someone else’s word on this over his. If you don’t trust him, YTA for staying with him.

More than this though, I highly doubt he just developed this personality trait after marriage. You married this man, and if you thought he was going to change, you’re wrong.

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