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Woman asks if she's wrong to tells fiancé that 'his kids ruined their vacation.'

Woman asks if she's wrong to tells fiancé that 'his kids ruined their vacation.'


'AITA for telling my fiance that he ruined our vacation when he decided to take the kids?'

\My fiance (41) is divorced, he shares custody of his 11yo & 7yo with his ex wife.

We've planned a vacation to a resort and I took care of all reservations and payment but first I had to make absolutely sure he was free on that date (3 days vacation). He gave me the Ok to go ahead and proceed with booking.

2 days before the vacation, his ex called him asking if he'd have the kids after she got into an accident and broke her leg. He took them immediately for the weekend. As soon as I saw them I lost my temper on him. He said it was okay and that he'd either take them with us or postpone.

I had a huge argument with him and he said that I was ruining the vacation by this reaction but I told him that he ruined the vacation the minute he took the kids off his ex. I ended up going to stay with my friend after that. He's upset with my reaction saying I'm judging him by his circumstance and making him feel bad for wanting to make sure his kids were taken care of.

Edit, look this isn't the first time, he's done this before and caused me to cancel a lot and cost me money and time (off work) as well.

Here's what people think:

phnxcumming says:

YTA, he’s a parent first. Date a man without kids. You’re not cut out for it, clearly.

Tacotonic says:

Admittedly, no kids in my scenario - but I could totally understand being a little bit disappointed if you thought you had a romantic getaway planned

Lainy122 says:

Came here to say exactly this. YTA - you are entitled to think that your vacation is more important than someone else's kids, but you can't be mad when their father doesn't share your viewpoint. This argument will be the first of many.

Interesting-Sock3794 says:

I love that she says 'and this isn't the first time' like she's complaining that this guy is out here running around all over town being a good dad and prioritizing his responsibilities repeatedly. The nerve of some people!!

Signal_Giraffe7933 says:

YTA lol you sound like my FIL’s wife. We all hate her too. They are his kids. They come first. What is wrong with you? Why are you engaged to someone with kids If you don’t expect him to be a parent?

Comfortable-Sea-2454 says:

YTA - your BF's ex broke her leg [pretty sure she didn't do this on purpose] and needed your BF, the father of the two kids, to step up and take care of them. Sorry about your weekend plans but his kids needs trump your solo weekend away. That is what vacation insurance is all about.

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