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Woman calls husband 'delusional' for giving dog its own room, but not stepdaughters.

Woman calls husband 'delusional' for giving dog its own room, but not stepdaughters.


'AITA for calling my husband delusional when told me to take one of my girls' rooms and turn it into a nursery for the baby?'

My husband 'Chris' and I live in a 4 bedroom house. I have 2 daughters (16) and (10) from a previous marriage, and they each have their own room. My older daughter needs privacy. The 3rd bedroom is for me and my husband, and the 4th room is for his dog. Now with a baby on the way, we've been going back and forth on where we should put the nursery.

My husband flat out said that his dog's room was 'off limits,' and casually asked me to pick one of the girls rooms, and have them them share a room. I was shocked when he suggested that. I argued with him asking if he was serious. Then I called him unreasonable.

He yelled saying I shouldn't be shocked when my 10 year old daughter has a room all for herself. I flipped and called him delusional. Then we stopped talking to each other.

He's pissed saying I clearly think so little of his dog to be so willing to kick him out of his room. He then reminded whose house this is his house, which I thought was uncalled for and unfair since I've been paying more towards the mortgage.

AITA for my reaction?


He made a comment about asking their bio dad to pay to build a room in the house. He was being sarcastic.

He's had the dog for 4+ years. He's overprotective of him, and there's always a fuss in the house because he thinks that my family and friends scare the dog and give him 'bad vibes.' That's why he wants the dog to have its own space.

The dog is sleeping most of the time in that room, and doesn't even play with all the stuff my husband put inside. Basically it's wasted space in my opinion. It's been like this since my girls and I moved in. It is his house, so there isn't much I can do to change it.

My 16 year old is telling me that she'd go live with her grandma if this scenario happens, which makes it even worse, and now I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Even before this happened, he always thought it'd be better if the girls shared a room, but I insisted on my older getting a room for herself. He thought that would divide the girls, and put distance between them, but in my opinion a 10 year old and a 16 year old don't spend much time together anyway.

To those who are suggesting we put the dog and the baby in one room. I'm not sure I agree on this compromise. While the dog is pretty much quiet and no active, I'd still have concerns. And for the record, The dog's room is the smallest in the house, followed by my younger daughter's room, then her sister's room then our bedroom.

He suggested we put the nursery in our bedroom as last resort, but I refused.


Popular-Emu7380 says:

NTA. But you are married to one. And excuse me - why are you paying the majority of the mortgage? Is your name on the house/deed? If not… then I take back my “NTA” vote.

ThrowRA41109344 OP responded:

No, my name's not and will never be since he made that clear.

photobomber612 says:

NTA. Pets are family too, but this is a really good example of there being limits to that. He can pay to build his dog a bedroom if it means so much to him.

TimeSummer5 says:

He sounds like he openly dislikes your daughter to me. Your friends and family give “his dog” bad vibes? That’s just code for he doesn’t like them himself.

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