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Woman with celiac wonders if it's bad to not let husband eat gluten near her.

Woman with celiac wonders if it's bad to not let husband eat gluten near her.


When you have celiac disease it can feel like you can't eat ANYTHING. When this man is upset

'AITA for getting mad when my husband eats gluten around me?'

mpenn1104 writes:

I (19F) recently got diagnosed with celiac disease. It started as a terrible rash which could only be described as sleeping in a bag of fleas and fire ants. It was hell for around two weeks because doctors had no idea what was happening to me.

It was all over my body and I was scratching so bad my skin was opening and bleeding everywhere. Medications werent working. Basically, i was extremely miserable.

So after doing my own research I decided to try to cut out gluten. After a week the rash went down and I felt drastically better, not just rash wise but mentally. I finally went to the doctors with my findings and they agreed that it was celiac.

Now I cant eat any sort of gluten, not even anything that may have been cross contaminated.

So I told my husband (21M) and my roommate (21M) that they were allowed to have gluten containing food outside the house and some regular things in the house, like pizza rolls and bread, stuff I dont really eat.

I made it very clear to please keep certain foods out of the house, like chicken lo mein, breadsticks, chicken alfredos, etc. Things that were my old comfort foods. But tonight I woke up from a nap and my husband was eating chinese take out in the other room.

Something I have been craving forever. I was sitting there, smelling the lo mein noodles just remembering what they tasted like. And I got pissed.

Because not only was I about to cook dinner and he spoiled it, but hes sitting there eating food in front of me that I miss so badly. I had to run and cry.

He threw it away but It doesnt make up for the fact that I have to sit there and smell it in the house all night. We arent fighting about it, but I feel like an asshole because he threw it away. (I didnt ASK him to throw it out) so reddit, AITA?

Let's find out.

timeforcafeeine writes:

YTA - Your dietary restrictions are your own. You have to learn to live in a world where others may have things you can’t. Your husband did not eat it in front of you to purposely make you jealous and he surely didn’t do anything to affect your health. If you became diabetic would you require him to give up sweets for forever?

justmemaggie disagrees:

NAH. You were frustrated and vented. He was craving food you can't have and gave in. He felt bad and threw it away, you feel bad that he threw away his food. In the future, though, you'll have to learn to deal with it better.

supermeg1717 writes:

YTA. I gave up gluten over a year ago to try and curb stomach issues. I also am now what I call “pretty much paleo” because it’s the diet that has made me feel the best. My house is fiiiiiiillled with things I can’t eat, because my diet is my problem and not my mothers or husbands. OP TA? Or is her husband being striaght up RUDE? What do YOU think?

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