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Woman asks husband to stop peeing in bottles at night, he says 'I don't want to wake you.'

Woman asks husband to stop peeing in bottles at night, he says 'I don't want to wake you.'


Sleeping patterns can be a make-or-break dynamic in a marriage, even more so when you start having babies and have more obstacles in the way of a good night's sleep. Coming to a mutually beneficial agreement on how night patterns work is essential for getting along. This includes, recognizing what one partner might find gross and respecting that.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for snapping on her husband after he continued to pee in bottles at night. She wrote:

'AITA? My husband pisses in bottles at night and I'm annoyed.'

As the title states my husband pisses in bottles at night to avoid leaving the room. A little backstory. This is something I have asked him not to do numerous times. We currently do not sleep in the same room, I am 37 weeks pregnant and he snores. So we've just been separated for ease of sleep at this point.

He had urinated in a few bottles while sleeping in our baby's nursery. I asked him to please not do that and just get up and use the restroom two steps from the bedroom. He claims he'll wake the dogs which in turn will wake me and he doesn't want to disrupt my sleep. I told him I would prefer he went to the bathroom and not urinated in bottles in our soon-to-be baby's room.

I thought we'd gotten over it but this morning I went in to turn his sound machine off as he had already left for work. I found an emptied bottle that clearly had urine in it at one point. I sent him a rage text saying it's f#$king disgusting and I've asked him not to do it. He genuinely seems to think that he's doing me a favor by not getting up at night.

The dogs bark regardless and my sleep is s@#t at this point in pregnancy anyways. He doesn't see why it's a problem if he dumps it out in the morning. I try to argue I get my happy pregnant ass up to use the bathroom. I'm at a I the AH?

People kept it one hundred percent real in the comments.

KartlindWitch wrote:

Your husband is disgusting. I would quite literally leave a man over this. He isn't gonna change, he will just get better at hiding it from you. What if your child finds his piss bottles?He does this in the nursery and kids are known for touching things and putting their finger and objects in their mouth.

Also, document how lazy and nasty he is in case you need it for the custody battle (because remember, he will keep doing this around your kids in his own home if you live in separate homes...)

attack-ninja wrote:

Guaranteed there's drops of piss all over the nursery. There's no way this dude wakes up, turns the light on, aims perfectly, and puts the cap back on the bottle without spilling a drop. He's doing this because he wants to. Don't let him act like he's doing you some big favor here. NTA.

nixiepixie12 wrote:

NTA. Peeing in bottles is like, an emergency during a road trip in the middle of nowhere last-resort type thing. But peeing in a bottle in your own home? Yikes. I also highly doubt that he genuinely believes he’s doing you a favor by not getting up at night. The mental gymnastics required to get to that excuse.

I know malicious incompetence and gaslighting are go-to buzzwords for AITA, but that really does sound like bulls#$t. You’re not being unreasonable; he just wants you to feel like you are. Let’s keep things in perspective here: he’s a grown man who pees in bottles even after his spouse has repeatedly asked him to stop.

GreekAmericanDom wrote:

NTA. Many guys see nothing wrong with this, BUT as a guy I want you to tell your husband that what is okay as single guy living on his own with other guys is no longer okay when you share a home with a wife, especially once you start a family.

AmaltheaPrime wrote:

Hey OP. I recommend shining a blacklight all over the rooms your husband has been in. Like someone else said, I doubt there is only pee in those bottles. What your husband is doing is absolutely disgusting and unhygienic.

OP is absolutely NTA here, her husband is extremely gross.

Sources: Reddit
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