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Woman asks if she was wrong to tell close friends about husband's medical condition.

Woman asks if she was wrong to tell close friends about husband's medical condition.


My husband has been in and out of the hospital for 2 months with health problems. He's home now getting rest, and his condition is stable. He's not improving, but it is at least stable.

My (female) friends come over to visit since I can't leave the house during the night, so we chat in the living room for an hour or two.

My husband has heard me talk about his health with my friends and he seemed bothered. I told him I was just telling them about what's been going on, but he said I should keep it vague, and not disclose his private medical info. I thought he was being ridiculous.

I thought he'd let it go, but last night he blew up at me after my friends left, saying that I once again went and shared his private medical info without his consent, despite him repeatedly asking me to stop.

We had a loud argument where I told him to stop policing my mouth, and to get over himself since it wasn't like I was sharing his medical file online or anything like that. I'm just venting to my friends.

He's now sulking and refusing to let it go saying I'm violating his privacy repeatedly, and disrespecting his boundaries. I think he overreacted, but AITA?

Edit after reading comments:

Listen, I'm not doing this deliberately. I just need to vent and they are my closest friends. What is he so worried about? That they'll share this with the whole city?!?! Besides, it's not like my friends, or those who know us, don't know he's sick. He can't even stand on his feet for more than a couple of minutes. Everyone is aware of his condition and can tell by the physical state he's in.

I'm sorry I forgot to put our ages if it's relevant. I'm f32, he's m36, he has CHC (Chronic Hepatitis C) that got worse this year, and more intense in the last 2 months. I'm his caregiver, but his family helps out here and there

I'm open and accept judgement, but was just trying to put more information to make things clear


Major_Barnacle_2212 says:

YTA. He stated his boundaries. You disrespected them. Medical information is personal. He has the right to decide who knows it. Not you, not to vent. Honestly, I kinda think you needed to get over yourself.

MsDeluxe says:

The edit makes it 1000 times worse!! Clearly someone stating a boundary is meaningless. YTA OP. Your husband is vulnerable and unwell, has stated a boundary and you've trodden all over it. Gross behaviour.

bottleofgoop says:

I personally love the bit where she says it's not like she shared it online...and then literally shares it online?

Proud_Hotel_5160 says:

Yep, I have chronic illnesses and I hated when my mom would share details with my family. At least it was just with my grandparents and uncle, and she would keep quiet with friends.

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