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10 men share the disadvantages they face because of their gender.

10 men share the disadvantages they face because of their gender.


We live in a man's world. In 2022 we are more conscious of what is broken, and some of us are trying to correct these societal flaws. While it is generally accepted that men are at
an advantage when it comes to living in the world that didn't stop some men from getting on Reddit to share the disadvantages of being a man, and boy, is it hilarious.

1. Tr101748 wants to let you know he isn't looking at butts.

I swear to god, I’m just looking at the stairs.

2. Fecktard69 has a weird brag:

Sometimes my d*ck touches inside the toilet bowl. It grosses me out.

3. PetroMan43 says:

You have to freeze to death while your girlfriend lays on the floating wooden door while the cruise ship sinks.

4. pixeldipp says:

You can shake it, wipe it, and clench it as much as you want, but you're still going to wind up with p*ss in your pants.

5. Watchingya is tired of toxic masculinity:

If you are too emotional, people will think you are defective.

6. Scape---Goat says:

The f*cking pringles can is made for women’s hands. Also, I can’t find any gardening gloves or f*cking hot pads (oven mitts?) that fit.

7. Hoppy_Croaklightly says:

People like inviting you to wars.

8. Ambitious_Suspect_51 says:

We sit on our balls on accident, once a year. We never know when…

9. emusabe says:

There are some physical attributes that are out of my control and I don’t really have an answer for why I’m not 6’2.

10. ___FLASHOUT___ says:

I discovered there is a stigma against cargo shorts. I was so angry to hear this. That’s a full ONE THIRD of our casual pant choices.

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