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16 bad pieces of advice that men have received in their lives.

16 bad pieces of advice that men have received in their lives.


Men get told some truly outlandish things like, 'boys will be boys.' What does that even mean? That's why every man should be in therapy to unpack everything we're told.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, men share some incorrect advice they've been given in their lifetimes.

1. Wounded_Breakfast says:

Be yourself. A lot of people are garbage. They should try to be better people.

2. Slow_Cat6602 says:

I think men are constantly taught how to treat women, but never how to let them treat you.

3. GoodDayMyFineFellow says:

I hate 'the worst she can say is no.' No, it's the second best thing she can say behind yes. Do you know what’s worse than no? A whole lot of stuff. 'Oh… maybe.', 'You’re disgusting' or, my favorite, they ignore you.

4. coffeetoffeefrosty says:

How do I word this? Not everything your dad says is the best advice.

5. SledgeLaud says:

Persistence pays off. No. You're harassing someone who probably doesn't want you, and, you're selling yourself short. Everyone deserves to be with someone who wants them. Not someone who was worn down into tolerating you.

6. ElLechero7 says:

'Good things come to those who wait.' I've heard this so often (or something similar), especially for people not having much luck dating. It's never worked for me and it won't work for most. I'm pretty sure this isn't even the full quote.

7. Call_of_Tculhu says:

'If you're depressed, you should just go to the gym more.' That might help a little, but you should get professional help.

8. Jrobalmighty says:

Never give up. Sometimes it's good to know when to cut your losses. Wisdom is knowing the difference between when and how to apply each.

9. WildJungleWoods-1496 says:

Boys don’t cry.

10. fullsendguy says:

To meet women at farmer’s markets.

11. Administrative_Toe96 says:

When men complain about not being able to date, they are often told 'get in shape' and 'work on your social skills.' This is great advice, but it’s being conveyed the wrong way. Don’t do these things for women. DO THEM FOR YOURSELF.

12. Quantum_Compass

Vulnerability is important, but only if you're in a trusting, healthy relationship. Otherwise yeah, it's a fast track to being abused.

13. Low-Hotel-9923 says:

Treat em mean keep em keen.

14. Tyaki_Laki says:

Money can’t buy happiness. Or 'not every date has to be about spending money.' When’s the last time anyone went outside with friends and didn’t spend money the whole time? Go ahead.

Everything is money. Only way not to spend money is to spend it a day before for the day of. Unless everyone else secretly has parties at the park and free food and drinks are tossed around by friendly companies.

15. messyhuman987 says:

'If she says no she's playing hard to get.' No. If she says no, believe her. She's not interested and you should leave her alone.

16. jaffall says:

Happy wife, happy life. Sometimes you need to focus on your own needs. Balance is key.

Sources: Reddit
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