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17 Millennials share the one thing about Gen Zers that confuses them the most.

17 Millennials share the one thing about Gen Zers that confuses them the most.


Millennials used to be the generation that was constantly roasted by their Boomer and Gen X elders for being 'entitled' and 'lazy' in the workplace, but luckily for jaded and burnt out Millennial, Gen Z is the new target...

While Gen Z is still young and forging their identity, the process has been clumsy. Are they the smartest, most self aware group of young people or are they lip syncing their way to fame and cooking chicken in NyQuil for TikTok views? So, when a Reddit user asked members of the infamous Millennial generation, 'What confuses you about Gen Z?' people were ready to share the things that perplex them the most about this younger crew that hates side parts, high-waisted jeans, and hoodies that fit them.


How do all these young guys get their hair to look that way that's super in right now, are they out getting perms? - CXXXS


Why is the mullet coming back? Like, really? - ReachFor24


It may sound ignorant, so I apologize, but when I was in HS, we hated being labeled- now it seems people want their labels on display- whether it’s sexuality or learning differences, etc (ace, neurodivergent, etc). I respect it, I just remember not wanting to be boxed into labels. - mecrjzak


Why staring at the camera, doing nothing, and poorly lip syncing a song is considered good content - canis_est_in_via


Are you… okay? Anywhere I go to shop y’all look miserable. (I mean this in a genuine way lol) - hauntedhalloween_96


Do none of you realize putting your entire lives on the Internet is going to come back to bite you in the a*s someday? - PM_ME_HUGE_CRITS


Why do the guys in your generation get haircuts that make them look like a head of broccoli? - DeathSpiral321


TikTok trends where they all go out to buy a particular item then toss it and move on to the next thing. All generations had trends but with social media, the turnover is a lot quicker. It's almost herd mentality. - Ice_Business


How incredibly tolerant they are of ads and being tracked constantly. - Mandatory_Pie


Boomer humor: “I hate my wife”

Gen X humor: “I hate everyone”

Millennial humor: “I hate my life”

Gen Z humor: lemn 🍋 - Sightedflyer5


Why some of them act like they pioneered the social media/influencer boom or look at me surprised because I have Snapchat, etc, even though many of these came out when millennials like me were in our early 20s and the core demographic - drifting_drifblim


I coach lots of gen z-ers. What the f*ck are their emails? I was working with a few to get something done and instead of sending ONE email with the information. Three separate people emailed one person random piecemeal information with ZERO context. I had to remind them that email is not text message and have all your ducks in a row before hitting send. For the love of God. - mousemarie94


Why does it seem like they all skipped the awkward phase? It’s like they came out of elementary school knowing how to coordinate outfits and drink Starbucks. - mercipourleslivres


Where are all the Gen Z celebrities? Apart from Tom Holland and Zendaya, I cannot think of a leading man or woman in Hollywood in their 20s. Ryan Gosling is playing Ken in the Barbie movie and he's 41. - crunchysquare


Why are all the sneakers so bulky? - lahwhozahher


Why do all of you claim to be shy, antisocial, and don't wanna be the center of attention, all while posting every single selfie, dance video, etc of yourself online constantly. - PhysicianTradition


I'm Gen x and I want to know why Gen z wears those hot hoodies in the summer - lostinthecrowd4now

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