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16 people share the moment they realized they seriously messed up.

16 people share the moment they realized they seriously messed up.


Everyone makes mistakes, but some errors can haunt us for a lot longer in this life...

Whether it a hilarious mishap at work that leads to your coworkers making fun of you forever or a shockingly dumb choice you're taking to the grave, we all have at least one major 'oops' moment. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was your 'I f*cked up' moment?'


I was a lead in a play for a theatre company, came down with an intense cough, decided to see a doctor, they prescribed me a cough suppressant, I figured if the recommended dose worked then more than the recommended dose would work even better.

Drank half a bottle of DXM syrup two hours before going on stage and accidentally had an out of body experience in front of a full house. I was young, naive and very high. Director wasn’t too happy about it. - WooWooInsaneCatPosse


Step 1: go make lemonade in the 5 liter tank, it was summer and there were 6 of us in the house so we needed it

Step 2: the sugar and the salt are in two identical containers

Step 3: regret existing - Zaln_The_HUN


When I pulled 3 THICK letters from the IRS out of my mailbox. - marie_melissa_h


I was offered a internship with a company that works with the federal government in disaster situations. I met a girl and started dating her during the recuitment phase. Hurricane Sandy hit New York so, it was all hands on deck trying to get volunteers to go help.

My brand new girlfriend didn’t want me to go. So, I didn’t. A friend of mine who went told me that everyone who had an internship that went to New York was giving a 6 figure job within FEMA’s disaster response program. She cheated on me 2 months later. Boy did I feel dumb as f*ck. - drdre27406


I let my, then husband, learn how to tattoo on me. I'm only down about $2,000, so far getting everything fixed.- 12th_MaMa


I was cleaning our fish bowl. I dropped it into the sink accidentally. It cracked our kitchen sink. It was the type of sink connected directly to the counter. Because of this no one would contract to cut out the sink because it could have cracked into the counter, which they would be responsible for.

So because of the crack we had to replace every counter in the kitchen. While we were at it we figured we should refinish the cupboards as we always wanted to. And do a whole new backsplash of thousands and thousands of individual stones. And since we were doing that we repainted the kitchen.

However as it flowed through the whole house we had to repaint the whole inside of our home too. And since we were at it we replaced our interior doors. But while doing that we bought a new front door too. And since everything was moved we had our internet and wiring in the walls redone and fished through the walls and ceilings. - sublimesting


I f*cked up. I locked myself in an empty jail. I was reviewing a jobsite at 5pm on a Friday, and I was the last guy there. My cell phone had just ran out of battery. It was a new county courthouse in the USA and it was nearly complete. I was checking door functionality, mechanical function only.

The whole building had electric security on each door but it was turned off. I had a master keycard and an actual door key to override the door locks, just incase. At one point I mindlessly walked into a side chamber of the main courtroom. I realize it’s the detainee lobby. As I turn back I hear the door click shut.

I tried the electric keycard that I had. It didn’t work because no electric. I tried the regular key that I had, and the lock didn’t work properly. I tried again. Nothing. And again, nothing.

And again a few more times. It still doesn’t work. I bang on the door and shout for help for a few minutes. It’s useless, no one’s there. I try the door lock a few more times. It doesn’t work. There is approximately 62 hours until anyone was supposed to be at the jobsite again.

I f*cked up. I didn’t want to but I ended up kicking the door and after a few minutes it broke. It broke around the lock with the lock staying connected to the frame. Everyone laughed at me on Monday. - Willbily


I decided to scrape out old, stale brownies that had hardened to the pan with a knife. The thought flicked through my mind a fraction of a second before the knife slipped out of the pan and plunged into the center of my palm. - Mellopiex


Let's go back to my first kitchen job. I was a prep cook for a bakery / coffee shop. One morning, I was making cinnamon rolls and following the recipe, or so I thought.

I pull my first batch of 30 out of the oven, and the owner comes by for a taste. She takes one bite, spits it out? And asks me what my process was.

I told her I doubled the recipe as she requested, so you know 14 TBSP of cinnamon. Problem!!!! That number I thought was a 7, was in fact a 1. Ooooops. - _Tranquil_Dude


My first marriage. First day of the honeymoon. We are at a nice sightseeing spot. I take a photo of him in front of a memorial. After taking the photo, I say: “Oh, I think I cut off your feet in that shot.” He throws a total fit about it. That’s when I realized, I f*cked up marrying him. - Tempus-dissipans


Used to downhill skate pretty regularly, took my time and had some safe spots away from traffic. Took a tumble once and popped up on my feet but my right leg crumbled. Looked down and my right foot was doinked 90⁰ to the left. 'I done f*cked up' was running through my head 100x every second for weeks - dglaw


I’m a research chemist and dropped a small lump of sodium hydride - it has the consistency of moist fine sand but also can set itself on fire if there’s too much humidity on the floor.

This lump must have landed on a singular drop of water as it instantly burst into flames and launching little flamey blobs everywhere. Thankfully it was small enough that it burned out in a few seconds and I deny any knowledge of the little scorch mark on the lab floor. - nitrochemist


I worked in a commercial kitchen. I had just finished making and plating hundreds of deviled eggs. As I moved them into the walk -in, the cart wheels caught on the lip and sent ALL OF THEM straight on the floor. - Calligaster


I read a manifest wrong and pumped the wrong chemical down an oil well and literally ruined a brand new well worth about 4 million. They had to abandon it. - MajohnoManhood


I threw away a cashier's check for $50,000. I didn't think it would be a big deal, didn't understand the difference between a cashier's check and a regular check.

We had thrown the trash in the dumpster at work, so my dad and I went down around midnight and tore open all the garbage bags in the dumpster before we found it. - LordBaranof


I managed to destroy a $4k piece of test equipment by connecting the wrong leads. For the briefest of moments the screen showed an overvoltage warning... That's when I knew. - frank-sarno

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