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20 people share the story of making a decision they immediately regretted.

20 people share the story of making a decision they immediately regretted.


Regret is often a futile activity, but there are some choices that are undeniably bad...

Brutal and embarrassing mistakes can encourage change and growth, but sometime the doom of a decision can hit so rapidly that it's better to just invent time travel than attempt to dwell on the past. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the fastest you've ever regretted a decision?' people were ready to share.


Trying to compliment my girlfriend when I'm tired. She had surgery on her face not too long ago and said 'I think I got ugly' and it took a few seconds to register but then I went to say 'Not possible', but by then she had said 'I mean I think I got uglier,' so I ended up saying 'not possible' to that. - [deleted]


Taking a Shot of Everclear. - RepostUpvote


About to share a smoothie with a super hot girl, and got tongue tied. All I could say was; 'you don't have mouth herpes, do you?' - benx4HT


Throwing a yo-yo at the ground with the string still on my finger. That bad boy missed the ground, swung around, and cracked me in the back of the head. On a first date with a new girlfriend. Instant regrets. - Bubblesthekid


When I was 15 and stupid I got F.T.W. (f the world) tattooed on my wrist. It was done in my livingroom by some ex-con who was living with us. Long story short, he sucked a*s.

The whole tattoo was just sh*tty. Letters were crooked, different sizes, and he tried to do 'smoke' above the letters which really just looked like sh*t. I've had it removed since then though. - ikilledkenny5


A girl in high school invited me to come hang out with her around midnight. Her parents were sleeping so I had to sneak in trough her bedroom window. I stepped on a PVC pipe coming out of the house to get a boost. Pipe broke, water everywhere, parents woke up, went home a virgin - [deleted]


I won't go into the details of the end result, but it all started with me thinking 'I'm just gonna pull the duct tape off really fast to get it over with.' - AmpleWarning


I was going on a several hundred mile trip and my husband didn't want to go. I decided to invite an old childhood friend. We hadn't hung out much in a decade (maybe once or twice a year). She's ultra conservative and religious, while I'm a liberal atheist.

We are polar opposites in almost every respect and while I love her, there is a reason we don't hang out.As soon as I hung up the phone, I thought I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE! Turns out she didn't go after all, so it worked out. - rytis


Tried to fart in bed, sh*t myself. - LongWindedStories


Immediately! I went to the derm to have a small mole removed from my cheek. The second he cut it off I realized I actually really liked it. Everyone asks me now why I had my 'beauty mark' removed. :( idiot - WilmaRJ


A girl I had a huge crush on said I was cute. I thanked her. - DaJoW


Went to Vegas for three days. Had 40 dollars left on the 3rd day. Put it on black. It landed on red. Had 0 dollars left. - Jon_Fuckin_Snow


I bet some friends that I could throw this giant rock over a three story apartment building. I'm not sure what led me to believe this, but as soon as it left my hand, I regretted it. It made it to the third story and just kissed a window.

The entire thing shattered and we bolted but someone saw and told management. We were interrogated and ended up confessing to everything. I wish I was a smarter 6th grader. - leavesandcrowns


Asking an ex-coworker when she was due. - Rmanager


Using wood match stick to light a candle. Having dropped matches before, they generally go out before they hit the ground.

Anyhow, this voice told me not to drop it into the trash can without making sure it was out first. 'What's the worst that could happen?' I asked in my head. The trash can caught on fire. - dt13


'Are you sure you want to get back together?' 'Yeah of course!' immediately oh f*ck no I don't. - tedchorlyone


In spanish class, someone asked me what a word was in english. I said, 'Your mom' trying to be funny. She ran out of the room crying. Her mom had died a year earlier. - ADerpasaurusRex


I completed the cinnamon challenge. I was given a table spoon not a tea spoon. ended up taking about 10-15 min just holding it my mouth forming a big ball, then I chewed it up and swallowed. I won $100 bucks but my breath has never been the same. - Socially8roken


I sobered up halfway through a drunken St. Patrick's day hook up with my best friend of three years. Our relationship was never the same after that. - Apexprey123


The second I finished answering 'What's your salary requirement?' I foolishly quoted my salary I was making at the time. I got the job and the salary. Stupid thing was on the drive to the interview I was thinking 'What should I say if they ask for a salary?' Just flat out unprepared on my part. - couchjitsu

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