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Man doesn't understand why his preferred 'sex song' turns off girlfriend.

Man doesn't understand why his preferred 'sex song' turns off girlfriend.


Recently a popular Reddit post on the Today I F*cked Up Subreddit has gone viral and is prompting people from all over the internet to chime in on this one man's choice of sex music. Since the post has been dropped, the song in question is now number one on the electronic charts.

TIFU / My (20F) girlfriend of two years told me the music that I (25M) play during sex is weird and a major turn off.

OP wants to put in the work to be a better lover.

A little backstory; when I first started having sex, I researched ways to be better as I was a little stiff and pretty much had no idea what I was doing. I read online that you can play music and match the rhythm to perform better.

I searched love making songs and started slowly creating a playlist in which I was comfortable matching the rhythm. There are a few songs on my playlist. However, one piece in particular, which happens to be my favorite, that my girlfriend hates and says, turns her off significantly.

'Good love-making' song is a strong way to describe it.

I don’t understand why it has taken her two years to tell me she hates that song; it’s a good love-making song with a good rhythm. I feel the way I f*cked up is I could have possibly asked her previously if she likes the playlist or any songs she’d like to add/change. But to leave it for two years thinking our sex life is excellent but in her eyes has just been ruined by my music has left the whole situation feeling awkward, and I’m a bit annoyed.

'Embarrassing' seems to be the right word.

I pretty much played this tune every single time, so the number of times she must not have been enjoying it when I thought the complete opposite was annoying but also embarrassing in ways.

Not to mention my previous partners. However, they never complained about the song, so maybe it’s just her?

Sweet baby Jesus.

It’s f*cked up the relationship tbh because sex feels awkward now. The other day we were having sex with no music, but I was still thrusting to the tune playing in my head. She recognized this and asked me to stop.

I thought this song was perfect, and I always thrust along with the tune and feel it gives me the ideal rhythm for doing the deed. I usually climax to this song and find it devastating that she hates the music.

If you still haven't listened to the song:

the song itself

The internet has gone nuts ever since the post was dropped.

xxanity says:

no way can someone be this clueless.

no way. I refuse to believe it.

First, you shouldn't be playing the same song every time you bang...

second, it should never be this song...

it's absurd that this was even thought of, joke or not.

niko4ever says:

I listened to that song and have tears in my eyes from cracking up. Thank you for making my day, and my sympathies, dude, for the absolute roasting you are getting and will continue to get in this comments section.

As to why she didn't say anything, I can only assume she was hoping you would eventually get tired of the song or change up your playlist so that she wouldn't have to tell you and make things awkward. Agree that two years is a long time.

sarethe450 says

This must be a GodTier Sh*tpost lol. I admire your GF's commitment and willpower I cannot stop laughing at the mere thought of someone f*cking to that song and rhythm.

A lesson for all musicians out there. It just takes one Reddit post to make your song climb to the top of the charts.

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