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18 people share the most obscene display of wealth they've ever witnessed.

18 people share the most obscene display of wealth they've ever witnessed.


Money can always be an awkward subject, especially when the bill comes for a group dinner and your friend who has 3 houses and a private jet Venmo requests you for 50 cents...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the most obscene display of private wealth you have witnessed?' people were ready to share the tackiest, most over-the-top, or wildly out-of-touch money-flaunting they've ever seen.


I once had a father personally pay me $1000 (on top of my commission and in addition to the vehicle cost) to find and deliver [same day] a BMW 5 series identical to the one that he bought from me the week before. His 17 year old daughter totaled it that morning and he didn't want the neighbors to know - BlakeClass


My buddy's dad:

After parking his yacht in the slip in Key West, he handed each dockworker a $100 bill and handed the harbormaster $200. He would do this every time he took the boat out.

In Key Largo, he insisted on taking the same yacht out during low tide, despite several warnings against it. He ran the hull alongside a rock, causing several thousand dollars worth of damage.

He insisted he didn't like the control setup at the helm, sold the yacht at a huge loss, and bought a new, bigger boat the next day.

He bought a twin prop airplane to fly between his offices, even though it takes an hour longer than driving to prep the plane and hangar it. He bought an Audi R8 for winter driving. He's also one of the nicest people you've ever met. - Unzbuzzled


Clients in the lobby of a place I used to work:

Mom to 16yo daughter: 'Do you want to fly to Greece next week, Dad has a business meeting there and I thought we'd rent a villa by the ocean.'

Daughter: 'What?! No! Katie and I are going to a concert next week!'

Mom: 'Oh....okay well what if we bring Katie and you two can stay in your own villa.'

Daughter: sigh 'Fine. Whatever. I'll ask her. But you owe me if I'm missing that show for another trip.' - rooflyss


My cousin is pretty loaded. He bought his wife a new BMW SUV about this time last year. One of her tires went flat a couple weeks ago, so he brought it to the BMW dealership to get some new tires from them.

The tires would have been pretty expensive (like $2,800), so he just sold the SUV to the dealership and bought her the new model. - jibbyjam1


Computer teacher in high school said he donates his entire paycheck to various charities. - Zamochy


People would go to Jamba Juice and order two small sizes of the same drink, even though a large Jamba Juice contains as much as two smalls for much less. And Jamba Juice will give you a free cup so you can split it. - a*s_munch_reborn


Only drinking fiji water. My friends mom. I've been friends with him for 12 years and she will literally only drink Fiji water, she even brings a bottle to restaurants so she wont have to drink the free water they give you. - A-wild-comment


Owner of the company I worked for stood next to me talking casually with an employee from another division about how he lost 50k night before at the casino.

It was no big deal to him. At the time I made 20k a year working there. -LunaticUndead


Private security for a hotel in Med City. Saudi king is in town for a doctor's check up. He's rented top two floors, including all three penthouses. One floor is for his security detail only, two penthouses for his wives and kids.

Three suburbans pull up full of merchandise from the mall. Literally, full. Group that shopped that trip arrive in fourth suburban. Was told he spends between 4-14 million each trip to med city. - fixxxers01


My friend from college comes from a wealthy family and basically spent his 20s and early 30s partying.

One day he went to a club where the bouncer didn't immediately let him in to VIP so he walked over the competing club next door and blew 10,000 usd on it in a single night, and made it clear that the other club just lost a customer. - ell20


My buddy came from a low-income family but dated a girl who's parents were beyond rich. Father was a Dr. who had his own practice, mother was one of the head Nurse Practitioner's at the hospital she worked at.

Every time he would go over their house, her parent's felt bad and would take him out to a steakhouse. He said the bill was never below $700. - _TimeParadox


Rich friend invited me to a half pipe comp held at the private ski club his famity paid $50k a year just to be members of. Watched a 15 year old phenom win 1st place which included a new Burton boarding jacket as a prize.

Kid looked at the jacket with disgust and I watched him literally throw it in the garbage. It was the same jacket I got less then a month earlier for christmas.

The very same coat I was wearing as I watched him throw his in the trash...That's when I realized those people live much different lives then I ever will. - three-eyed-boy


I used to landscape in a very exorbitantly wealthy area of Toronto's suburbs. One of the customers was a retired investment banker and for his wife's birthday he bought her an art gallery in downtown Toronto. - IAmWhatTheRockCooked


I went to college with and became close friends with a person's who's dad is an investment banker. His parents where building a new house in ~2001. He sheepishly told me they had 2 million dollars in just the mile long driveway alone. I kinda called bullsh*t and he was like, 'Neh, you dont understand.' I was stunned later that summer when I went up to visit.

The driveway was hand layed cobblestone with at least 20 year old hardwood trees every 30ft that they had tree-spaded and shipped from all over the states. Mother-f*cker wasn't lying, if anything I would say he was being a little conservative. - dmand8


I went to a party at a surgeons home. My girlfriend of the time worked for him. His bathroom was the size of my apartment. His shower stall could easily fit ten. The shower did not function as a shower per se, it was literally raining inside this large booth. Water came from hundreds of holes in the ceiling.

There was a bench running through the middle of this shower booth. The shower had a door at one end that led you through a hot tub like bath and from this tub you could go into a sauna that easily sat 20 people.

What is bizarre about this guy is he is single, childless and has few friends. The rest of his house was ridiculous in its immensity. But that shower stuck out in my mind. - [deleted]


My dad used to work as a valet for Lawry's in downtown Chicago and would have a lot of famous and rich people give him their car. However, the craziest show of wealth he told me about was this one football player, I can't remember which one at the moment, gave my dad $100 just for hailing him a cab.

He talked with other people that worked there and apparently this guy was tipping really well to everybody including the coat check lady. - -eDgAR-


One time I had bought tickets to the ballet for my girlfriend and I. When we got there, the theater was closed and the only thing on the door was a newspaper article on the door saying a local billionaire had brought all of them on his yacht for a quiet weekend away. Every single one of those Russians were on that boat. My girlfriend was pissed but I thought it was pretty bada*s. - hwarning10


At my college music professor's recommendation, I was invited to play piano for a very upscale cocktail party at a wealthy person's residence (black tie/tux).

When I arrived, there were 2 Steinway concert grand pianos (9 feet long in elegant veneers, and each worth perhaps $140,000) on either end of the room, so that I could entertain guests equally on both sides by moving from instrument to instrument during the course of the evening.

One concert grand by itself is far more than most pianists see in a private residence, let alone two! - Back2Bach

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