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22 people share the most egregious or shameless display of wealth they've ever seen.

22 people share the most egregious or shameless display of wealth they've ever seen.


Money can sometimes be an awkward subject when you're debating whether or not to Venmo request your friend for $5 or trying to relate to someone who is complaining about their 'vacation home'...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the most egregious display of wealth you've ever personally seen?' people were ready to share the hilarious, disgusting, or bizarre ways they've seen wealthy friends, strangers, or clients flaunt their money. Think before you post the private jet photo on Instagram, celebs. Nobody wants to see your $4 million 'times I've thought about proposing' necklace, Drake...


Dude just kept grabbing stuff and having me ring it up. At first I was like, you sure? Then it eventually clicked this guy was on a shopping spree. The shop had no human necessities. I don't remember the total by the end but it was close to 5 figures USD. Pulled out his black AMEX that weighs like a pound and boom mile long receipt. One of the few days I wished I made commissions. - blippityblop


Custom metal worker. We did the penthouse at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan, off of Central Park (owner lived there). The floors were made of titanium plate. The wife had her own massive library and we had to make a rolling staircase that an old woman could move.

We did, probably cost $80,000. We delivered it and she said “it’s too steep, can you make another?” $80,000 later she’s happy and my buddy has a rolling staircase at his workshop. - Denki


My boss owns a 15+ million dollar cottage. He likes to 'entertain' and throws some pretty wild parties. His wealthy neighbors down the lake complained about the noise and frequently called police. One day they saw him on the street and told him smugly that they had a generous offer on their cottage and they were moving. I know, said my boss, I bought it. - yevim79945


A friend of mine's step-dad hired Smash Mouth to play at his labor day party for around 200 people. - figit54540


Metal worker here. We made a $250,000 anodized aluminum wall to act merely as a backdrop for the owner’s Brancusi sculpture. - Denki


Worked at a suit store (think mens warehouse, but not that one). Guy comes in looking kinda schlubby, but there are no customers in the store so I go help him. Find some stuff he thinks is cool, but ends up saying he wanted to check another place.

No problem, happens all the time. Comes back about an hour later and says that no one at “other store” paid any attention to him, he says because he looked poor. He then proceeds to tell me he liked how I treated him with respect and proceeded to buy a full wardrobe from me.

We’re talking 10+ custom suits at 1k+ each 30+ dress shirts 30+ ties Casual shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, the whole deal. Ended up ringing everything up and it was around 20k~ I made 10% commission on everything and that was the most money I as a broke college student ever gotten in a single paycheck. Thanks Mark. - WaterMockasin


I used to work in a museum that rented out part of its building for special events like receptions or dinner parties. For one particular wedding reception, the bride (or perhaps her mother) strongly disliked the color of the walls in the large gallery where they wanted to have the reception.

We refused her request to paint them a different color (the building is on a historic building register which precludes making most kinds of alterations without a metric ton of paperwork), even when she offered to pay to have the walls painted for the reception and then repainted afterward. Her solution, instead, was to have a florist create walls of flowers to hang on portable frames in front of the walls.

We never heard the exact cost of that, but the florist commented during the installation that it was the largest single order he had ever filled and it was about as much as his shop would sell in a year. For whatever it's worth, it really was beautiful. - philosofik


My boss had to impromptu get a new license to travel. When he was at the DMV they said he had to pay like $100k in back parking tickets. He just set a card down and paid it. Apparently he couldn't get a parking permit to be able to park in front of his house for some bs reason, so he just parked there anyway, and just accepted that they were ticketing him like $100/day for years. - melodyze


At the summer camp I worked at, campers would show up with brand new expensive bedding sets, new high end pillows, new $150+ tennis rackets, brand new shoes, all packed in their $300+ footlocker. At the end of camp, everything but the footlocker was left in a huge disposal pile. It was also ~$5,000 for them to attend each 4-week session. I came home with a lot of good loot. - TheLonelyScientist


When I worked at Blue, Justin Bieber spent a stupid amount of money just to ski. He tried to rent the whole resort to make it private, but they wouldn't let him (which I still think is hilarious). This area also has dozens of houses that are all valued well over $10mil, that all sit empty. They're just buildings that billionaires bought on a whim. - stonedfishing


My freshman year in college a RA offered to give me and a few friends a ride to the mall. To reach this mall you would need to get on the highway and at least be knowledgeable of “big city” traffic. So we asked him how long he had been driving, because we did have other options. He went on to tell us that he had 5 years of driving experience but was a horrible driver!

Who admits this? He went on to say how the Range Rover he has now was his 6th car. And he totaled the previous 5 and his parents kept buying him cars. I was dumbfounded by the waste of money to keep getting this guy cars. - DjMD1017


A breakfast place I went to a lot in my home town. I went to pay for my meal and the waitress was like, don't worry, it is covered. Next day, I went back. Once again, my meal was covered. Repeat for the rest of a week and I was baffled.

Apparently some rich dude liked his breakfast a week ago and bought all orders for the following week and tipped all the staff $10k to keep it a secret and cover loss of tips for the week. It was a small mom and pop shop, but that still has to have cost him 100k or something. For a meal...There was intentionally no hype and the other regulars and I were never told who it was. - GoodRighter


I swear TF this isn't a lie it's just outrageous. There is a town near me that's famous because it's built around a lake and everyone there is filthy rich. Like all the homes are in the millions. I use to clean there as a teen for money. There was a super fancy gas station my mom and I use to stop at for water.

When I was 16 just before Christmas a woman walked up to me in this gas station and said 'Oh you're a cleaner (I was in uniform) you are around my son's size we got him stuff for Christmas, but he decided to go to Tokyo. Would you like to come over to talk about us hiring you and you can have his gifts we are just gonna send him money.'

Of course I gracefully accepted and we went to their house. They hired us and sent me off with a car full of gifts. In the conversation they said they are gonna send him 20k. 20k! And all those gifts easily cost around 5-6k at the least. And they just gave them to me. It was literally like hitting the lotto. And they gave them to me because 'Otherwise we are just gonna throw them in the basement.' AtlasAsher


I worked at a university. Every day a sorority girl would park her BMW illegally in the corner on the first floor and get an expensive ticket and she just paid them off. - neoplastic_pleonasm


I have a friend who was employed by a very famous old pop star. She lived on site to his mansion (which itself was a very cute cottage) and was paid more than I am with no rent or bills for said cottage. Her job?

To open the curtains of his bedroom in the mornings, put on classical music and gently wake him up for the day. That sounds sexual, it wasn't sexual, more like 'hey, hey big star, I know you're still sleepy but it's time to get up' etc. - princessflubcorm


My husband was invited to a destination wedding in the Caribbean. We had to buy our flights and the rest of the trip was completely paid for. A private resort was shut down for the long weekend so only the wedding guests were in attendance. The airport had our names when we landed and we bypassed customs. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Bride's family is from old European royalty. - ela6532


I work out in the hamptons. All of my clients are ultra wealthy people with large, expensive vacation homes. Most of these clients only use the property a few times a year. Primarily weekends in the summer. After that, the homes sit unoccupied 90% of the time. Most of these clients spend more on landscaping annually than I make in a year. My biggest client spends over $100k a month on landscaping services. - MarshmallowMan631


I was EPing a wealthy family's event. They gave me a cup of tea while I was outside. After the event I went into the kitchen to throw the cup away. I asked the wife where the garbage was. She replied, 'I don't actually know.' - psyk738178


I met the CEO of the company I work for and I complimented his watch. The first thing he did is take it off a day let me wear it. Come to find out after doing a little research, the watch he was wearing is a Patek Phillipe that cost 1.75 million. That watch alone cost more than every asset in my family for the past 4 generations. - yevim79945


Company owner got a divorce, went on a shopping spree and showed a receipt for tens of thousands of dollars to our receptionist as a way of showing off. What he spent was 80% of what she makes in a year. She was really uncomfortable and brought it to me as the HR person. - bitchimgandalf


Was working at a lesser used airport one time and a 737 passenger airplane comes in and parks. The ground crew puts some luggage onto it. Person with a dog gets on the plane, then comes off the plane without the dog. Plane takes off. This rich family sent their private 737 airplane to pick up the dog. - SonicStun


The first time I saw a support vessel, I was blown away...It's a yacht that accompanies your main yacht, and it stores your toys in its garage, it houses some of your staff, stores your supplies, etc.. - Eafeaturerequest

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