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20 people share the worst case of 'spoiled rotten' they've ever witnessed.

20 people share the worst case of 'spoiled rotten' they've ever witnessed.


We've all seen Veruca Salt throwing a temper tantrum in the chocolate factory, but the real life version can be shudder-inducing..

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the worst case of 'spoiled rotten' that you've seen?' people everywhere were ready to share the worst, funniest, or most disturbing examples of spoiled brats in the wild.


My roommate is an application essay reader for a university's business school. He was just telling me about a kid who wrote his 'overcoming hardship' essay about how he really wanted a boat because all of his friends had boats, and it was hard for him to be left out. Then he overcame his hardship when his parents bought a boat. - prleslie


Was at the Ford dealership getting my oil changed and killing time by walking through the big show room. There is a Mustang GT350 sitting in the middle with a huge bow on it and folks gathered around waiting for someone.

Minutes later the family comes in with their son who immediately yells about wanting it in blue instead of black and denting the passenger door with a swift kick. - SaddestClown


Went to school with a girl who got a 2012 bmw and literally cried and cussed out her parents because she didn't get a 2015. - Skizophrenic


Dated a girl who was given a brand new car for her 16th. She had it for less than year before she crashed it. Her parents bought her a used car. She had it for about a year before crashing it.

They bought her a THIRD car (used) and then when her brother turned 16 she pitched a fit because he got a new car while she had to drive around her used car. - DragonDeadite


Friend of mine saved up for an iPod when they first came out. Literally saved for a year to get one. His mom took him and his sister to the mall so he can purchase his. His sister started throwing a tantrum because she didn't have one now. Their Mom got so fed up with her about it she bought the sister one to just shut her up. - bangersnmash13


I didn't know her personally but I'm still friends with a guy who dated one of her friends I heard this from him. We all went to a private, pretty expensive school in the US. The 'spoiled rotten' girl got a degree in Journalism and promptly moved to London to find a job.

Her parents rented her an apartment, and I assume paid for her life, for about 2 years before she was forced to move back because she never looked for nor was employed while there. Once back in the states she refused to live in her parents house, citing she was a grown woman how could this be expected of her.

Her parents bought her an apartment in NYC. Last I heard she still lives in that apartment, without a job, but is/has moved because it's in 'sh*tty Brooklyn' not Manhattan. - b8le


I'm from a rich area in Dallas, TX so I've seen some sh*t. I went back for a visit and my childhood best friend was complaining that her parents were only letting her go to New Zealand instead of Amsterdam (again, her dad is a multi millionaire and both of her teenage brothers drive Teslas).

My male best friend was complaining to me that he didn't get to go to prom in a hummer limo, only a regular stretch. He looked like he was going to pass out when I told him that I missed prom in high school to work a night shift. Glad I don't know them anymore. - [deleted]


When I was 15 I was dating this girl that I met at a coffee shop downtown. Her parents were LOADED. Like home movie theater, wine cellar, live in maid loaded.

The girl got a brand new Lexus for her 16th birthday. It took her 4 times to pass her driving test. A week later she totals the car so they buy her another one. Her parents also flew her from California to London to go school clothes shopping. - AndyWarwheels


In college I knew a girl whose daddy was some big shot banker or something. Made enough that the wife didn't have to work and 3 kids could go to expensive schools with little financial aid.

This girl didn't have to work during college, had all her supplies and lodging paid for by daddy, and got to fly home every time there was a 3 day weekend. All on her father's dime. I once had to borrow $10 from her to pay for some food when we went out to eat.

I promised I would pay her back once I got my check next week (at the time I worked for a cafe) and she seemed cool with it. Turns out she was not cool with it, and promptly bashed me on her blog and to all her other friends calling me a bad person and a thief....because I borrowed $10. Which I paid her back. I brought up the blog posts and she was very embarrassed.

Last I heard of her she's living in a daddy-paid Manhattan apartment working part time as a receptionist at a yoga studio. She started a new blog about 'the struggle.' - GreatWhiteRapper


A friend of mine is married to a very very rich man. Old coal money or something, no one in the family has to work they all just live off of investments. Anyway she was crying one day because her MIL was threatening to cut her husbands allowance and he might have to GASP get a job! - deceasedhusband


My employer's two sons have everything paid for so they never have to worry about cost. They both have everything they want and need. One of them likes expensive shiny things and he's always thrown fits until he got what he wanted from what his dad told me.

For Christmas, he wanted a $1200 55' Samsung curved tv, even after his dad stated that his budget is $1000 for each. He threw fits and got mad at his dad and his dad, being the wimp he is, apologized and ended up buying it for him anyway. The son is 21 years old. - [deleted]


When I turned 16 all I wanted for my birthday was to see The Blue Man Group perform. I saved my own money to pay for my own ticket. I gave my mom the money, and I was really excited because my mom said she had the tickets and everything. My mom, my sister, and I all got in the car to go see the show.

We arrived at the wrong place and I immediately thought something was wrong. When I ask my mom why we were there she said that my sister wanted to see 'O' by Cirque Du Soleil so she just bought tickets for that instead.

I was so blown away that even though it was my birthday and my money, my sister had the final say over what we ended up doing. I refused to see the show and opted to walk through the casino the entire time instead. - ConfessionsAway


Had a friend 'Don' who had a 2 kids, a year apart in age. When his son turned 16, Don was ready to give him his PRISTINE Volkswagen. Don really babied his cars, so this Jetta, though about seven years old, was truly in like-new condition, a car that most normal 16 year olds would be thrilled to have. I would have been thrilled to have it myself!

So Don tells his son the plan and his son goes 'Dad, I'm not driving THAT car. It's a seven year old Jetta. I need a new pickup truck.' After taking a deep breath so he didn't throttle his son, Don simply said 'Well, then, I'll drive the Jetta for one more year and then give it to your sister when she's 16. If you want a new pickup truck then you'll either have to ask your mother or buy one yourself.'

Now Don and his kids' mother had been divorced for years and, through a series of bad choices, his ex-wife had barely two dimes to rub together. Don had gotten remarried to a woman who was a very successful and wealthy business owner.

So his son (very mistakenly) thought that Don and his current wife would foot the bill for whatever the son wanted; how very wrong he was...Fast forward a year, his daughter is very happily driving the Jetta. Don bought himself a brand new Mazda. His son has access to neither of them.

In desperation, his son bought himself a crappy $800 beater just to get himself to and from work. Lesson learned, I hope. I applaud Don for sticking to his guns and teaching his kid not to be an entitled asshole at an early age... - [deleted]


I was in a Toys R Us in the 90s. This mother and daughter who had to be around 12 were shopping. The girl asks if she can have some toy. The mother said 'no, we are here to get a gift for ....'. The girl asked once or twice more and the mom declined.

The girl then said 'f*%k you mommy' and took off running. The mother chased here while the kid cursed her out. Eventually, it must have ended.

I went to check out and the mother/daughter are behind me. The mother not only got the toy she wanted but actually apologized. - Stuntedatpuberty


In high school, 1987. This really pretty girl was about to turn 16 and her parents got her a fully frame-up restored 65 mustang. Wasn't what she wanted, so they got her a new Porsche 944 (not the only one at my school).

It was customized with rims and upholstery that had her name embroidered on it. When she graduated they got her a new Lexus sedan. Her father was a preacher at a small rural church. Her mom was a stay at home trophy wife. Still have no idea how they pulled that off. - jimjimwest


My boyfriend's sister has skirted the line of 'spoiled rotten,' but for now, she's just 'spoiled.' She throws fits the moment school and work get a little too challenging for her (like full-on, screaming temper tantrums).

Whenever she feels overwhelmed, her mom will spend hours doing her research homework and writing her papers for her. (I would actually report this to the school if it wouldn't be blatantly obvious who did it. Her mom is an educator and should know better.)

She once had her boyfriend drive four hours out (and another four back) to come pick her up during a family trip because she didn't have a space private enough to focus on her school work, even though we were all sharing rooms and dealing with the lack of space equally (her mom ended up doing that school work for her).

Her parents even offered to give her the master bedroom to herself, which would've had two of us sleeping on the floor. I should mention, this girl is 22 and in college. She does have a sales job, which she's surprisingly really good at, which is why I think she still has hope of being a productive adult. - ManiacallyReddit


Went to school with a kid who had the initials BMW and cried when he got an new Audi instead of a new BMW because he wanted a car with his initials - amos33


My girlfriend's son. He's 17, gets home from school by 1 in the afternoon, and has a grand total of one chore that he has to do. Just wash the dishes. But, his mom does it for him.

She also has to wake him up every morning because he 'doesn't like to set his alarm.' He also drops any trash that he has on the floor wherever he happens to be standing, which she also picks up and throws away.

His personal hygiene is also completely non-existent. The only time his hands touch water is when he showers. On a related note, he doesn't rinse away his spit when he brushes his teeth so there is tooth paste spit building up in the sink on a daily basis.

All in all a Grade A piece of sh*t. I would say that I feel bad for whoever has to deal with him when he moves out, but I know he will never do so. And he is also the reason I am ending it with his mother. - HueyCrashTestPilot


There was a girl on the subreddit for a company I worked for who kept b*&ching about how she only worked there because her dad stopped paying her credit card bill but she felt she didn't need the job because he still paid her rent and bills.

Then she made a post about how glad she was to get fired because the job was so beneath her and she'd never really need a minimum wage job as long as her father made six figures. - whittiez


The parents did not even have money. He wanted new clothes was told no, so he put his clothes in bathtub and poured bleach on them. Parents bought him new clothes. - [deleted]

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