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18 self-proclaimed 'rich people' reveal the worst things about having money.

18 self-proclaimed 'rich people' reveal the worst things about having money.


While it might seem like money can truly buy happiness and everything in life would be solved if you could just take a private jet anywhere without waiting in a shoe-free 'separate your electronics' torturous security bin shuffle, more money can mean more problems...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Rich people, what is the worst thing about being wealthy?' strangers of the internet who don't consider money to be an object in their luxurious lifestyles were eager to vent about the problems of being a poor little rich girl. Nepo babies...get out your notes.


Not super rich, but my parents did alright. However a lot of friends I went to college with weren't in the same boat. It amazed me that most of them had never traveled to another country (I grew up in Asia as an expat, so 'normal' for me was going visiting countries for school trips).

The girl I'm dating right now is struggling to pay for an incredibly cheap college (tuition is about 6k a year), whereas my parents are able to put me and my brother through medical school at the same time. Granted, I had a scholarship through undergrad and earned enough at my on campus job to pay my living expenses, but I'm not paying shit for my first year of medical school.

Another reason it's different is because my parents were self-made. Their parents emigrated to the US and my parents were born there. Their families were pretty poor growing up. Now, I've grown up with everything but I'll be lucky to be even half as financially successful as my father was.

And I'm going to be a doctor. Unless I go into an incredibly competitive specialty that I'm not interested in, I won't make anywhere near as much. So much for that. - aznsk8s87


Spending time with other wealthy people. It's total Russian f*cking roulette. Rich people are always either totally laid back, amazing people that you'd never know were rich, or they're psychotic, self obsessed, judgemental as*holes whose life revolves around proving to you just how rich and awesome they are. - [deleted]


I come from a wealthy family. Not to the point where people know our names, but to the point where if we drop the company name in most European countries, people get worked up. The worst part of it is that everyone thinks your life is perfect. To the rest of the world, your life must be perfect, because you're rich.

Some of the time, that's true. I've gone to the best schools, the best doctors, best restaurants, best vacation spots - I won't deny that in many ways, I've had a blessed life. However, my dad worked his ass off. I spent most of high school living alone in an apartment off a trust fund, because he was never home.

Before him and my mom split, I endured years of emotional and sometimes physical abuse from her. I grew up with epilepsy, and horrible acne (used to get called scrambled egg face). Life is life - mine might be easier in some ways, but it has absolutely been harder than others, and being rich, no one gives a second thought to the fact that life might not have been totally perfect for me. - TheUnfindable


'Must be nice' because if I dare complain, that's what I'll hear. I'm a rich kid so I automatically lose the moral high ground in any conversation. I've gone the whole poverty route, worked overnight crew as a Target stockboy, but it doesn't matter because I'm 'fake poor' and can always ring up my daddy if things get tough.

I've actually heard poor people complain about Barbara Eichenrich's Nickle & Dimed. 'Well, she was only pretending to be poor...' Ummm...she's trying to help out poor people by showing how it's impossible to make ends meet on a minimum wage salary. Show a little gratitude! - laterdude


I currently have no income. (new college grad. job hunting. hurray.) But I went to a school full of honest-to-goodness trust fund babies, people who have summer houses in different states and all that. The worst part from my observation is that people think if you're rich, nothing bad can happen to you.

And it's true that money can protect you from a lot of things: it feeds you, clothes you, can pay for good doctors, etc.

But it doesn't protect from things like infidelity, mental illness, cancer or other serious illnesses, abusive relationships, broken families, or sexual violence. And if any of those things happen to you and you're wealthy, people think you're an ungrateful moron if you talk about it. Money can't necessarily fix those things.

I get the whole 'check your privilege' thing, but rich people face a lot of the same stuff as poorer people. - thisjonquil


People think your private plane is a f*cking free taxi service. They get so angry when you don't lend it out as such. I get requests to use my plane on a weekly basis from people I know. 'Hey it would really make my wife's birthday more special if our group could use your jet to get us to and from Vegas.'

I shut them up by telling them I will have the pilot call them to arrange things. He then tells them how much it will cost to charter the flight and they usually drop the request pretty quickly. Only once have they called back expecting me to foot the bill. - [deleted]


People don't think of you as a real person anymore.

I grew up in a lower-middle-class family, worked in my Dad's liquor store and delivered newspapers, I graduated college deep in debt, I've been evicted from apartments for late rent, been chased by debt collectors, and spent one entire summer riding a motorcycle to work (sometimes in pouring thunderstorms) because my car's engine block cracked and I couldn't afford a new one. Saved a lot on gas, though.

However I was an outstanding computer programmer and was invited to join a startup company that eventually went public, so I was able to retire at a very early age. I'm still pretty much the same person but now I'm classified as 'wealthy' so I'm now a 'thing.' So I lost many of my old friends who can't think of me as still being an actual ordinary person.

The other problem with being a 'thing' instead of a person is that specifically that 'thing' is a 'target'. One aspect of being considered wealthy is a phenomenon known as the 'Rich Man's Tax'. Basically it's considered praiseworthy to cheat rich people out of their money. So, if I need a plumber to come fix something he'll look at my house and try and charge me triple rate.

And many people reading this will say 'good for him, stick it to the wealthy bastards' well F**K YOU IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I'm still the same person I've ever been and I don't like being cheated. But it's a symptom of our society - people bash the wealthy and try and cheat them but everyone wants to be one (for example, the billions spent on lottery tickets). - joeomar


I have reasonably well off parents - big house in a nice town, that sort of thing. However, my brother and I were always taught humility. I had a job from 13 at a restaurant washing dishes, and I had to save for my first car. Yet people whose parents bought them their cars and never made them work still thought I was more spoiled because we had a bigger house.

The perception that you don't have to work for anything is the most infuriating thing. Yes, if I were in a tight situation my parents would help me, and others may not have that luxury. But I have never once in my 28 years had to ask for any financial help from them, and I don't intend to as long as I can help it. - hobonation256


Sounds like I'm bragging but I'm not but I've more money than I'll need and tend to be generous, paying for my daughters' groceries etc, but I'm sure both of their partners think I'm showing off, throwing my money around. - rennaps4


I grew up in a rich family. Allthough I havn't taken any money from them since I was around 16. But I lived at home for free until I was 20 and moved out. But by then I had been working for 2 years and spent the money well so I had around 14000 USD of my own money I could do whatever I wanted with. People knew my parents were rich, we had a huge house, cleaninglady etc.

I'd say the worst thing about being the son of rich parents is either the fact that EVERYONE expects you to be rich and successful, OR the fact that EVERYONE who knows you come from a rich family wants something from you.

'Dude, youre rich as f**k you can buy me a beer,' I've heard that like a million times and im sick of it. I'm not rich. My parents are. I have more money than you becouse I dont spend 150 dollars on weed every week. Buy your own beer and get a job. - imnotapoetimaman


Having people devalue your accomplishments because your parents are rich. - Hugh_Jasoal


You never really know if your relationships are genuine or if it's because people want something from you. I met my wife and my close friends before I made a lot, so I'm not worried about them, but I do about almost everyone else. I never really knew why rich people hung out with other rich people, what difference does money make right? Well it kind of does.

I realize it's because you get a better sense of where you stand with people that don't want anything from you. I might be way too cynical, but I buy cheap clothes and hide the wealth because I'm afraid of how new people will change around me if they find out. - [deleted]


I come from a relatively upper-middle class family (doctor & professor parents) and I'd say the worst part is the assumptions a lot of people have about your life.

I had a very dysfunctional childhood with symptoms of physical and emotional neglect from as early as I can remember but because I had a 'posh' accent and my parents were wealthy nobody picked up on it, even my primary school teachers made jokes about how it was just a 'quirky' family.

Just because a child is rich and their parents are polite and friendly, doesn't mean they're looked after or have a good home life. - squirrel_bro


The worst thing is when people judge your character by how you spend and donate your money. - Back2Bach


People act like you can spend money all the time. Just because I'm wealthy doesn't mean i like to waste my money on fast food or useless shit I don't need. - [deleted]


I wouldn't say rich but I had the most money out of my group of friends and it was always every weekend the same questions 'can you get bud?, I'm starving can you get some food for me bro?', or the classic 'Let's go out and do something tonight.' And sometimes I didn't mind buying food if I was hungry too but all the time it gets a little ridiculous how much people will use you for money. - SuckonthisWaW


I'm not personally rich, my parents are rich. I work so I can afford my own clothes and social expenses, but I don't have to pay for school or rent out of my own pocket. I personally don't earn enough per year to pay income tax, so even though tax gets deducted from my pay cheques, I would get that amount back in my tax return.

Or rather it would, if I didn't have a trust fund...It's the ultimate first world problem, I don't get a tax return because I have a trust fund. The trust fund counts as income for me, and puts me into a higher tax bracket. - canuckfanatic


People only pretend to like you because they want your money. It's extremely rare to find someone who actually likes you for being yourself. It's almost impossible to have a close relationship with anyone. I just want like a best friend who I can mess around with and tell them everything and like spending time with. It's really depressing - hi_im_nena

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