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17 people share the trashiest ways they've seen rich people show off their wealth.

17 people share the trashiest ways they've seen rich people show off their wealth.


While celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are worshipped and praised for flaunting their exorbitant wealth as they fly around the world in cashmere-decorated pink private jets, it can be a huge turn-off to see someone bragging about their disposable income without the shield of your phone screen...

So, when a Reddit user, 'What are some of the trashiest ways you have seen people show off their wealth?' people were ready to share the tackiest and flashiest money-flaunting they've ever had the displeasure of witnessing. Yup, we all saw you count that stack of hundreds in your wallet before tipping zero dollars on your discounted drink.


Eating expensive things because they're expensive like $100 sundaes cuz there's a bunch of gold leaf in it - red-k-alex


This kid I see come through my work he’s maybe like 17 has this gold watch (probably not even an expensive one) he wears it over his hoodie's sleeve and it looks extremely stupid. Gotta show it off though. - Switch64


I was hired as a pianist for a social occasion held in a private mansion. In the main living room (the centerpiece of the cocktail party), there were 2 Steinway concert grand pianos (Model D, 9') - one on each end of the room, worth at least $150,000 - $180,000 apiece, and in pristine condition.

The host asked me to alternate between them, taking requests from each end of the room. When I asked him if he and his wife had 2 concert grands because they played duets, he said, 'Neither of us plays a note. They're almost entirely for show.' - Back2Bach


Brags about beign 1 million in debt but being able to pay it off (like bruh) - bryan12197144


A girl who lived in my apartment building in college was the daughter of the CEO of a fortune 500 company. She couldn't be bothered to find a parking spot so she parked parallel across 3 perpendicular handicapped parking spots and proceeded to get 3 handicap violation parking tickets totalling over $1000. - TOTALLYnattyAF


A guy wouldn’t let me take home my leftovers from a nicer restaurant. The food was delicious and he told me order my own pizza...granted, he paid, so no skin off my nose really and kind of him to pay. But he said “no, don’t you dare get a box, doggy bags are for poor people.” I AM a poor person, DAMNIT! Otherwise, a fairly nice guy...besides that. - kms1989


I was working in a coatcheck room. A gentleman was checking to make sure he had what he wanted from his coat before he gave it to me to place on a hanger. He whipped out his Amex Black Card from his wallet and placed it in front of me while he continued to check his pockets. There was no reason he needed to take out the card... he was just showing off. - GoonsAndGhouls


I hate scrolling through spoiled kids' Instagram screenshots because they make my blood boil. I think the best ones are the teens who use iPads as dinner plates or Smart phones as Jenga blocks. Let's also not forget that other lovely teenager that used a solid bar of gold as a doorstop. - PlasmaPizzaSticks


According to my tour guide in Paris it’s very trashy in their culture to wear all designer clothing and making it obvious. Right after he told my group this a couple walks by and they’re clearly wearing designer everything (the only thing I recognized were the woman’s heels cause they were Louis Vuitton’s). Our guide looked at them and then back at us with the most disgusted look on his face - [deleted]


A guy I was meeting for business literally held up his Rolex and said, 'How about that watch, huh?' I couldn't tell him I don't really care for Rolex, so I smiled with polite levels of enthusiasm, at best, and said, 'Yes, that's a lovely watch.' The waitress came over and he asked her what she thought of it. Then he starts in with how much it cost. I was so grossed out. - JardinSurLeToit


So I used to work at a used videogame store where people could sell us their old stuff. Guy comes in, sells me an Xbox or something, not worth tons. I probably gave him $11 at most. While I'm checking out his console, he sees a mall security guard and whistles at him, then hides, and just kind of smirks like he's such a bada*s.

Does this a couple of times in a show off kind of way. When I'm done and hand him his money, he writes his number on the most torn up $1 bill and gives it to me and tells me 'I can treat you good baby girl' before winking and walking out.I just put it back in the register. I'm good thanks - aaiko42


I had a snapchat friend who took a video of them burning a 10 euro bill...It's not that much in money, but it's still such a waste of money to flex on. - ValentineRunaway


A friend on Facebook complained how unfair it was that her father was not allowed to blow out some of the mountain next to the house, to make room for her marina -Antivora


Golden f*cking toilets. - MuresMalum


Honestly anytime I see anything not needing to be covered in diamonds and rhinestones, covered in diamonds and rhinestones I am immediately cringed. - Ruhianna


My ex has a habit of saying things along the lines of 'I hate people who talk about how much money they make. I make almost 6 figures between all my businesses, you don't hear me talking about it' a bare minimum of once a week. Actually dude, we hear you talk about it all the dang time, stop pretending to be humble. - CanadianSpunk


A man came into my office to pay for something that costs $15. He proceeded to take out his wallet and took all the cash out, at least 50 bills...all of which were hundreds...and said 'take your pick, sweetheart'.... - kelleeboo13

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