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18 people share the thing they used to cheap out on until they dared to splurge.

18 people share the thing they used to cheap out on until they dared to splurge.


Sometimes an expensive price tag is a complete waste of your hard-earned wallet, but a truly luxurious experience or high-quality item can be hard to resist once you've tried it...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's something you used to cheap out on until you tried the expensive version and could never come back?' people were ready to share the pricey purchases they made that were 100% worth the cost. Note to self: don't accept that upgrade to first class unless you want to be tortured by the truth...


Chocolates. After eating my first expensive chocolate bar, I knew there was nothing on earth that could make me eat those cheap over-sweet chocolate bars. - Beepbopchu


Coffee. Used to use a $60 drip coffee maker. Tried espresso, and now I can’t go back. Now i have a $1000 espresso machine. - Swordbreaker925


Steak. I grew up poor, all we ever had was chuck steak, first cut. I first tasted flank steak when I was 14, and thought THAT was great. When I was 21, however, I went to a New York City steakhouse, and had filet mignon. Oh, My God, it was delicious. Once I was making decent money, I go to the butcher and get a whole tenderloin sliced into 1 1/2' thick steaks to take home. Simple to cook, heavenly to eat. - nitestar95


Jeans. For most of my life, the only criteria I judged a pair of jeans on was 'do they fit'. One day, I was talked into buying a ~$70 pair of jeans from an expensive clothing store and I was blown away by how comfortable they were. They look good, the material is softer, doesn't squeeze the backs of my knees, etc. I often wear shirts I bought from Goodwill for $2-5, but have not purchased a cheap pair of jeans in several years. - Cheese_Pancakes


Pasta sauce. I'll get cheap pasta and cheap meat, but the cheap sauce tastes like canned food. - feralkitten


I can’t stress this enough: SOCKS - jadekath


Tomatoes. Used to just buy the cheap ones that are kinda pale but I once thought heh why not and got some organic local farmed ones and they were so bright and they smelled so fruity before cut and I never go back anymore - Captain_Blunderbuss


Shampoo. Not the CRAZY expensive stuff, but definitely the higher priced ones. My hair cannot handle the Pert or Finesse stuff. It kind of worked out nicely since I buy half as much… it works twice as well! And my hair actually feels manageable - Rescue-320


Dental floss. I hated flossing because I thought all dental floss just shreds apart and breaks. Nope, just the cheap brand I was buying. - IrianJaya


Butter. I'll still cook with regular butter but on bread I'll only eat Kerrygold now. - SallyHeap


Maple Syrup. Growing up, we always had that cheap 'Pancake Syrup' stuff that's basically corn syrup and food coloring. It never even occurred to me to buy ACTUAL Maple Syrup ($12 for a tiny bottle??) until I was in my 20s, and had it at a friend's house. Guess what? That sh*t is delicious and worth it. - Waste-Risk-2735


Garbage bags. - Kawachi18


Hiring movers. Every time I moved in the past I did it myself, with the help of friends and family, got frustrated, sweated all day, tensions ran high -- movers make it SO much easier. It's absolutely worth the extra expense. Your time and happiness are valuable. I'll never go back. - FiftyShadesOfGregg


Shoes. So many people in my life have told me to not spend money on shoes when I can, 'buy the same thing at Walmart for 20 bucks.' I finally started buying some more expensive shoes in my mid twenties, and I found that they're more comfortable and last way longer than the 20 dollar Walmart alternatives. If you have the money, invest in a good pair of shoes. - PalletTownPoseidon


I have to say towels, cheap ones don't dry well or aren't soft enough or both... Those who've used standard issue military towels understand. - EkayYT


Good quality, high thread count cotton sheets. People with eczema can relate - Maximum-Violinist158


I had a sh*tty $150 mattress in graduate school and it did the job. Was more comfortable than plenty of cheaper memory foam ones…but man the purple mattress is a game changer. I will never buy another brand if I can help it. Made in America, sleep like a rock, literally gave me the ability to have dreams back. No joke, having regular dreams didn’t happen in graduate school, nightly dreams, with the purple mattress. The only downside is they weigh a metric sh*t ton - Snagmesomeweaves


Headphones. I used to burn through a cheap pair every few months until I got a nice pair. Not only is the sound better but they have lasted me years with the replaceable parts. - pixelssauce

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