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Woman's best friend calls her a 'wealthy snob,' she takes away vacation, leaves a note.

Woman's best friend calls her a 'wealthy snob,' she takes away vacation, leaves a note.


"Be A Gold Digger? No Holiday For You!"


Me and my friend (Bella) had a falling out. To summarize it, we had a huge argument about how she was using me for my money and we ended up being thrown out of the restaurant we were in.

It went on after I found out she took it to social media and started trashing me and calling me a 'wealthy snob' and she even went as far as calling my mum a 'gold digger' because she knows that my mum comes from a significantly less fortunate background.

This enraged my father and mother and they cut contact with her and all the family who were defending her because 'she's just expressing herself' and 'it's not that serious.'

This has also caused a rift in our friend group, some of my oldest friends are against me, just like she wanted. She got her revenge, so now it was my turn to get mine.

Our families had an upcoming holiday trip because we have known each other for years (she is my oldest friend) and our families just blended well together. There was eleven of us coming on the trip: Me & her-2, my parents-2, her parents-2, my siblings (2 sisters, 1 brother), her siblings ( 2 brothers.)

My dad, since he is the breadwinner pays for the whole trip ( excluding itinerary, food & drink, etc.) and everyone else pays for extra expenses. Well since our falling out I had the bright idea to uninvite her and her parents since they were the only ones who were defending her.

Her brothers didn't get involved and her oldest brother even offered to pay for some of the expenses that she racked. ( I obviously declined but it was nice anyway) Both of the brothers are married so I told them that they could invite their spouses. But that left only one ticket, so you know what I did?

I took a photo of the ticket and put it in an envelop with a note that said; 'This is the closet you'll ever get to coming on the trip! Have a great life, Gold Digger. P.S I invited your ex to the trip so I hope you're happy <3' I didn't really invite her ex but I wanted to make her think that I did so she would get angry.

And believe me, she did. She blew up my phone on my social media (since I blocked her phone number) and she was furious! She was swearing, crying, screaming and so much more.

She sent me texts, voice messages, tried calling me, it was a doozy. I even had to deactivate my IG because she would keep creating new accounts just to annoy me and it worked.

Instead of what she thinks, I invited my cousin on the trip (17F) and she was over the moon! she even took it to twitter and posted something along the lines of; 'cancel all of my plans in April because I will be overseas! ✈'

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Sweet sweet revenge. Just a PSA though, please don't post any reasons you won't be home on social media. Stalkers can use that info to tee up when to rob you.


Sounds like she wasn’t such a great friend after all. Having an argument with you is one thing, but trashing your family is another. I’m really surprised she thought she could talk about you and your family like that and expect to still be included in a vacation. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the trip much more with your cousin.


The argument between the parents is nothing really to do with you. The petty revenge on your ex-friend is what we are here for. I salute you.


She wasn't your friend, otherwise your concern about her using you for money wouldn’t have turned into her trashing your family. Good riddance! It seems that friendship should have ended long ago by how you both reacted to each other.


Did this happen already? I wonder how the brothers reacted to all the continued snobbery towards their family. I know you said they didn't want to get involved, but it seems like one tried to smooth things over by trying to pay some of his sisters expenses and then you continued to taunt his sister. They might have some feelings about that. Just saying.


I’ve been needing to say this a lot the past couple of days: don’t bite the hand that feeds. Why do people do this? Does anyone have any theories?


It's entitlement and manipulation. Some people manipulate others and make them feel like they "NEED" to do something. But as we get older and people keep biting, we learn to be guarded and stop caring and just cut those toxic people out of our lives.

Being pushy and entitled worked for them in the past because they grew up around people who would rather "just give them what they want so we don't have to deal with it."

In truth, if you are a good friend or family member, you confront them with their best interest at heart. If you support them in their destructiveness, it's because you don't want to deal with them either, or you want them to fall.

Think of people who cheat and the people who support them/keep the secret. Usually, your bad decisions make their lives seem better. And those friends stop dealing with you when you become the bad guy.

So, do you think the OP made the right call or was this too petty? Do you think they can prepare the relationship between the two families?

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