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12 rich women share the most surprising pros and cons of being wealthy.

12 rich women share the most surprising pros and cons of being wealthy.


From first class status to Amex Black Cards to summer homes in the Hamptons, the lives the wealthy lead are quite different from the vast majority.

But whether they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths or came into money later in life, some aspects of having money are unrelatable to the rest of society and surprising to those with hefty bank accounts.

In a recent Reddit thread, wealthy women shared stories of how having money has impacted their lives in unexpected ways since becoming rich. Here are 19 examples of the pros and cons money can bring.

1. Joysolicitor says, as a wealthy single woman, having more money than the men she dates is problematic.

I did not expect how weird (heterosexual) dating and relationships would get. Men are at first pleasantly surprised when I offer to pick up the tab, pay for tickets to events, etc., and I really don't mind considering I know I make more than them. But my experience is that it slowly gets uncomfortable for them to know they aren't the breadwinner, and it typically has come out in subtle negging and misogyny.

2. Gisschace says everything gets cheaper the more cash you have, from better credit terms to travel savings.

What I noticed was how ‘cheaper’ life gets when you have money.

For example; own a house? You get better credit. Or things like air miles; with my credit card if I spend £10k in a year I get a companion ticket which means a free air fare when I buy one ticket.

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