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Woman tells wife that recently deceased husband promised her inheritance.

Woman tells wife that recently deceased husband promised her inheritance.


It's ugly when the loss of someone you love becomes more about money than honoring them.

One wife was devastated after her husband passed away. He worked in construction and remodeling and had taken a young woman under his wing, sharing his tools with her and acting in a fatherly role for her.

The woman, according to his wife, did not appreciate his efforts and caused them a lot of trouble. So, after he passed, his wife was shocked when the young woman came calling for the inheritance she was ' promised.'

"She Expected An Inheritance From My Late Husband."


My husband passed away 2 years ago. He was a remodeler who had a broad list of clients. For a time, to help out the adult daughter, let's call her 'Kiki' of my good friend of 42 years, 'Ami'. He would hire her as a helper on some of his larger remodeling projects.

During that time, K would occasionally borrow things for her own projects- a portable cd player, a pair of channel locks, a winch & come-along, a table saw, chain saw, a Graco cart paint sprayer, and an air compressor and nail gun.

They were all borrowed clean, in working order, in good condition with all relevant parts included.

Every single one of them was returned with great delays, all broken and missing significant parts and a crap ton of excuses. Over two years, Kiki managed to cost him nearly $5K in losses.

Finally, he also quit hiring her as a helper because he caught her stealing from one of his clients and forced her to put the item she took right back and then kicked her off the job immediately.

Last September, I was visiting Ami and Kiki was there. And then Kiki hit me up for what she called her 'promised' inheritance which was the first I ever heard about it.

Given that my hubby and I spent the 8 years of his terminal illness talking about what he wanted after his death, given that he gifted things of his that he wanted friends to have BEFORE he died, I knew damn well he didn't intend for Kiki to have anything.

My husband left no will. Ami knew that my hubby had quit lending her tools after getting the cart paint sprayer back (it was a $1200 purchase and was less than 4 months old when it was borrowed and returned broken in ways the warranty would not cover.)

Ami also knew Kiki's attempted theft had caused him to refuse to have her work on anything with him for any reason. (Ami was also a victim of her daughter stealing from her as well.)

Now, our state is a community property state. When a spouse dies without a will, only the surviving spouse inherits.

So Ami told her daughter to back off and I got the bright idea of how I was going to handle getting rid of all that broken stuff which was still taking up room in the tool shed, so I told her, I'd be sure to pick something out for her even though her own behavior was the root cause of the bad blood between herself and my husband.

So, the next day, with Ami's help, I dropped off ALL the broken tools and the busted-up CD player Kiki borrowed from my hubby at her apartment.

Kiki wanted to know what I expected her to do with all of it. I told her that I expected her to do with them whatever it was she had expected my hubby to do with them after she returned them in the condition they were in. Now, she is the proud owner of a bunch of useless tools and I got to reclaim nearly 35 sq. ft. of space in what is now MY tool shed!

Here is what people had to say:


Wow, she sees you after your husband passes who helped her frequently…and her first instinct was to ask about what money and inheritance she feels entitled to? Makes sense, because she’s also a thief who feels entitled to help herself to things that don’t belong to her.

OP responded:


Not once did she offer to make good on anything she damaged, broke or ruined to my husband.


Why did he ever lend her anything after the first or second time? And why did he still continue to employ her, and not take the value of broken or stolen items out of her paycheck?

The OP again responded:


It's because some friends are family enough that you have the best hopes for their adult child even when they're making some really fucked up life choices. I know her mom did every thing humanly possible to help her get the help she needed. But you're still hoping they will pull out and just do better.


Beauty!! And she really can't/shouldn't complain as she obviously felt they were in just fine and acceptable condition when she returned them. This is indeed very sweet revenge.


I especially love the fact that her own mom helped OP dump the stuff there. Like just extra, deserved, salt in the wound.

The OP responded again:


My friend has no illusions when it comes to her daughter's f*ckery.


And THIS is how you put an entitled wench in her place! The audacity to think she deserved ANYTHING from your husband's estate....smh.


Hope she enjoys her well earned inheritance.


You did well. I'm sure K will look at all the broken items and remember your husband fondly.

Do you think this widow was too harsh or waws this exactly the tough medicine 'Kiki' needed?

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