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MIL scrapes all of the icing off bride's wedding cake, bride waits to return the favor.

MIL scrapes all of the icing off bride's wedding cake, bride waits to return the favor.


"MIL Scrapes Icing Off My Wedding Cake..."


Hello Reddit, I have been debating about whether or not to post this story here. The rational part of me thinks I should just let it go. But, like my grandmother, I can nurture a grudge like it's my first born...

For context, I love red velvet cake with the classic cream cheese frosting. and when we got married a few years ago this was something that I really wanted and I got. Now after the wedding we had cake left over which we took it home in some cake boxes. It was during this time where the incident occurred.

Now let me set the scene for you..

Picture it... a beautiful blue and white cake setting on the kitchen counter in boxes.. the cake is supper moist and the frosting is fresh, it melts in your mouth..

Try to picture a deranged woman SCRAPPING the icing off because she didn't like it, because "it was too sweet." I can't help but watch in shock as she scrapes ALL the frosting off of OUR wedding cake that WE paid for!!! My husband said the look on my face was murderous.

My husband approached her and asked her if she had hit her head or something that morning because, where in her tiny mind, did she think that was ok? But me? I don't get mad...I get even.

I just want to clarify, MIL scrapped the cake clean. I wouldn't have cared if she took it off of her serving... but not the whole cake. In the process of scraping said icing off the cake, she butchered it and the whole thing was turning into crumbs. So, it basically left us half a bottom tier of red velvet cake unediable.

She didn't do this to the other half of the middle tier, because she knew my husband liked the vanilla cake (which is what the middle and top teir was) over the red velvet.. we froze the top tier and ate it for our one year anniversary and it was absolutely disgusting 0 out of 5 stars.

After the festivities of our wedding night, we actually stayed at her house so we wouldn't have to get up super early to leave for our honeymoon. And it was when we woke up the following morning that we had caught her. I guess she thought we wouldn't notice?

Like we would think that maybe some gremlins came into the kitchen, got into the fridge and scraped and butchered our wedding cake? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The only gremlin I saw was wearing a pink flower bath robe with 1990 troll hair. Well, two years past... and I still think about it... this is where I get my revenge.

We go over for dinner and MIL has made this really beautiful cake..tastes like sh*t though.. its dry and just... gross. But it is pretty; I will give her that. She tells me that she has spent "all morning decorating it" and "it was the most beautiful cake decorating she has done yet."

After dinner we all have a peice of cake, with ice cream. Literally the ice cream is necessary because the poor thing baked a cake that was so dehydrated that it reminded me of the SpongeBob episode where he and Patrick went to Sandy's house...

This. Is. It. The moment I have plotted for..

As she is putting the cake into a cake container.. I politely say, "here let me." I made eye contact with my husband at the table, i nod and he gives me the nod.. With a big smile on my face.. I lift a knife and then... I procede to scrape ALL the icing and decorations she has put onto this cake.

My husband sees this. He gives me a look. I can't tell, is he upset or mad at me? Nay nay I say. He is sitting at the kitchen table with a proud smile on his face. I glance over to my MIL who looks shocked and doesn't really know what to say and I whisper...."how does it feel?"

She is left in shocked silence and when me and hubby made it out to the car, we high fived each other. 'Twas for the greater good.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


Omg! You are a petty crocker cake queen! What unwashed savage doesn‘t like cream cheese frosting?! Oh right, you said mother in law. Got it.


She did it because the bride liked it. She didn't scrape the middle layer because her son liked that icing. Just a real B.


That man is a keeper! He said something to his mom and supported his brilliant wife and her deliverance of justice!!!


Seriously, I read way too many cases of men still tied to mommy's apron strings letting their mothers do and say whatever they want to their wives, to steal from them, insult them, abuse them - and the dude will just shrug and tell her to deal with it because that's just how his mom is. But he actually *said* something! And let her do something about it! KEEP HIM.


She f*cked around and fondant.


Icing what you did there.


Batter never do that again.

So, is this sweet revenge or is it petty?

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