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Woman's MIL stalks her house when kids are sick, calls 911 when MIL refuses to leave.

Woman's MIL stalks her house when kids are sick, calls 911 when MIL refuses to leave.


"MIL is outside balling her eyes out and repeatedly ringing our doorbell which is off, she won't leave"


My LOs aren't feeling well, they have a cold. I tested them for COVID and they're negative. They seemed to be getting worse so I took them to our pediatrician on Monday and she said most of her patients have the same cold, prescribed medication and told us to come back if LOs don't start to get better after a week.

DH told MIL all of this on Monday at 1pm, she called me at 1:15 to ask if she can come over to see LOs even though they are sick. I explained that it would be pointless since they'll be sleeping when she comes lately they fall asleep at 4 or 5AM, we just can't get them to sleep.

If they're awake they'll probably be clinging onto me so she can't play with them. I have them on me until my husband shows up and they cling to him while I make them food and take a nap. She obviously doesn't believe this because LOs are very independent, they like to feed themselves, during bath time they like to wash themselves etc.

DH told her not to come over, I told her not to come over. On Tuesday FIL asked if she could come over and we said no and DH went on video call with him to show him what we're dealing with. He understood and said he'd talk to MIL.

She sent us a long message basically accusing us of intentionally keeping the LOs away from her. SILs have also asked her not to come over for their own reasons and they've forwarded me this exact message. So she's not even coming up with new manipulative messages.

She's downstairs right now, crying and ringing the doorbell which isn't making a sound because the ringer is off DH disabled it yesterday just in case this crazy woman showed up and she has. I can see her because we have one of those doorbell cameras.

The LOs have only slept 3 hours so far, last night was the worst its been. I messaged her to leave and she said she's not leaving without seeing "her babies", I may control DH but I don't control her. She's been downstairs since 9:38 its 10 now.

Update: told her I'm calling the police and she's still outside crying. DH can see her as well and he's called her to leave before I call the police.

Update 2: Babies are awake now, police, BIL, SIL, DH and FIL are all on the way.

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whoa, this is insane. Hope your LOs get better soon. You did the right thing, I would have done the same. Stay with your children, MIL will have to leave you in peace. She is unhinged.


That’s actually beyond annoying… that’s straight up creepy. MIL is not mentally well. Your children are not her emotional support animals and you don’t owe her access to them.

I’d personally hesitate to let someone that emotionally immature around my kids. Please, for the sake of your children, consider spending some time away from MIL. She needs something else in her life so she doesn’t obsess over your kids. Good luck, OP. Having sick kids sucks, but this is an additional layer of frustration you don’t need right now.


Sorry that you are in this situation, but Well Handled, all of you.


I have in laws 15 minutes from me. My kids go nuts when my mil comes over. They run to her and hug her and beg her to read them stories, take them for a walk, and ask if she brought Grandma bread (she loves baking).

And when we give instructions, she follows them. And we have a great relationship because of all those factors. I adore my mil. She is wonderful. We respect each other and my kids have a better life because of those factors. How fucking hard is it to realize that mutual respect is important?????

For God's sake, my mil has learned dishes from my childhood because my mom passed, and she wanted me to feel at home. After reading so many stories here, I realize I'm one of the luckiest guys around. Sorry for rambling.


Sweet Jesus on ice skates.

WHY don’t these unhinged women understand no.

This was a big part of why we went NC years ago.


Wow. That's insane. I'm so sorry you are going through this unnecessary crap. I could not even imagine purposely aggravating my kids like that. I hope your little ones feel better soon.


Wtf is wrong with these MILs???? I seriously want to know. Does something snap in their brains the moment a grandchild is born? Thank God my MIL doesn’t drive and FIL won’t drive her here if she’s been told no because I can see her doing the same thing. Look up “lawn tantrum” because that’s what this is.


Your sanity while dealing with a sick child comes before her wants. Glad you didn’t let her in. Let FIL, SIL, and even the police deal with her.


I am a MIL and I love …just love my grand daughter..I. Would do anything for her. Just as I would do anything for my son. Which means letting him raise his daughter. His daughter is not “my baby” I never say that, she isn’t mine. Op I’d squish that, and I’m a grandma. It’s a boundary.

They are not her babies to be just pop over and see them whenever she wants. Especially when she has been told no. Good for you calling the cops. I hate to do this to another grandma, but if she can’t follow boundaries she can’t see the kiddos..there are so many parent led choices I follow with my granddaughter.

What she eats, when and how long she sleeps, etc. She is under 2. They trust me to follow their lead, because she is their baby. I might make suggestions, but they don’t have to follow them.

I raised my two kids, and hated anyone butting in and telling me what to do or disrespecting how to take care of my kids. You deserve to be the parents and JNMIL is interfering. I’m sorry about that, it just adds stress and drama. I hope it gets better. Trespass her if need to, for your own peace at home.

So, do you think the OP made the right call? Should they go 'no contact' or is she being too harsh?

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