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SIL insults new mom by saying she'll just, 'take that baby off her hands.' AITA?

SIL insults new mom by saying she'll just, 'take that baby off her hands.' AITA?


"SIL thinks I’m going to give her my baby."


I 26F gave birth to my baby boy last month. I wanted to wait a few weeks before inviting some family over to see him. I invited his sister, brother, and parents. My parents and sister came over. My SIL was fawning and doting on him.

When I wanted to feed him she almost didn’t want to give him to me and was trying to give me pointers and such. I thanked her but told her I had it. She got offended and said “oh someone who didn’t even wants kids has it under control.”

It’s true my husband and I talked about waiting on kids for about 2 years because neither of us was sure we were ready and wanted to wait. Well we got pregnant and decided to be parents. I say “excuse me?”

And she says “well I was thinking since I’ve been trying a little longer than you and you weren’t even all that sure… maybe I can take him off your hands” I called her crazy and told her to get out.

I was shocked and disgusted that she said that and my husband talked to her and asked why would she think that and she said it’s not fair that she’s been trying for 3 years and we didn’t even want our son and we got pregnant. He told her to never say that again or around our son. His mom said she was Just kidding and I’m like… who jokes about something like that?

Edit: I talked to my husband about cameras and changing locks and he said if that’s what is going to make me comfortable then he’ll get on it tomorrow. She will not be around my son alone for a while… I’m taking this very seriously.

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She was not kidding! I would severely limit her exposure to your baby for many reasons!


I would include the MIL too. If she defends that as a joke because her first instinct is to side with her daughter, she’s potentially not safe too.


If Reddit has taught me one thing, it’s that this is FAR from over. Install cameras, change locks if needed, and make sure SIL is never around your child, especially alone. This is crazy behavior she’s displaying. Godspeed.


Yuck… she was not joking. If I were you I would set some clear boundaries down. I had trouble getting pregnant for 10 years. I never made family/friends feel that way. She obviously needs help.


Be careful letting her around your baby again.


My mom was your SIL 20+ yrs ago. What happened is different as my Aunt gave birth a bit before I was born. This is a very "TRUST YOUR FING GUT" story. My aunt gave birth (M) like 6 months before I was born (F). My mom BADLY wanted boys, and my aunt was hoping for a girl but was (and still is) very happy with her boys.

At my first birthday party, my aunt brought my cousin and my mom commented that she should just give (M) to her becuz she wants boys... she laughed, and everyone laughed... except my aunt. My mom even "joked" about if she was let to babysit (M) she might just send me home with her instead. She was told by EVERYONE that she was just joking, and didn't mean it.

My aunt has never let my mother anywhere near (M) without supervision, never let her babysit, she went as far as not babysitting me becuz she was worried while my mom was picking me up she'd grab (M) before my aunt knew any better. She was told for years that she was overreacting and was being a b!tch for not "helping the family".


No honey. Despite your MIL trying to convince you and your husband that his sister was kidding, no she was dead serious. Stay away from her, and don’t let her around your baby boy alone. She’s desperate and desperate people do desperate things. She was not joking! Stay away from her.


I’ve had fertility issues, and it sucks to see people get pregnant and have their kids when it’s all you want. Your SIL though is straight up crazy for thinking that you would just give away your son or that you didn’t want him.

I’d go low or no contact and not allow her around your son alone or when neither you nor your husband can be present. That includes if your son is in your SIL’s presence when other family members are around.


Please take this very seriously. You need to install cameras outside and inside in public areas. You will need to keep your child away from her because she deadass thinks she’s entitled to your child.


There was a post like this not too long ago wasn’t there? The SIL asked the OP for her baby at a family dinner and things escalated pretty quickly.

So, if you could give the OP any advice here, what would you say?

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