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Man calls GF 'selfish' for not selling $155 Taylor Swift tickets for $2.5K. AITA?

Man calls GF 'selfish' for not selling $155 Taylor Swift tickets for $2.5K. AITA?


'AITA for refusing to resell my Taylor Swift Tickets'


Hello, long time lurker and first time poster. I (26F) have been a Taylor Swift fan since middle school. I say she’s gotten me through some pretty rough times. One example is when my neglectful family banned me to my room for a full year with no tv, or any entertainment at all. I secretly kept one of those tiny iPods and all it had on it was her debut album.

I listened to it over, and over, and over… it was all I had. My speaker was some weird toy I got for Xmas one year…. It was a stuffed elephant with a little aux cord and tiny speaker on its rear. Never used it until that moment. I’d say from then on I’ve heard every song, purchased every album, and still listen to her daily.

When she announced her Eras Tour I was so excited. I was going to try my best to get tickets. I did the verified fan, fought 2000+ swifties in the Ticketmaster queue, and somehow left with 2 tickets in the nosebleeds for $155 each on 8/5 in SoFi stadium.

At the moment I was completely broke, so I had to ask my boyfriend if I could borrow his Amex card to pay for them. He said no numerous times, I think until I had tears in my eyes and had to beg how much it would mean to me.

And of course, how I promise to pay him back. He said I had to get the cheapest tickets, but that didn’t matter to me. Just being there was my goal.

Fast forward to now, tickets are reselling for $2.5k each in the section we are in. He expects me to sell them. I tell him no way. He has been calling me selfish and that I care more about some rich person more that my family (him[27] son[6]).

He is arguing that there is no person in the world he would see for $5k. I say I didn’t pay $5k I paid $155 (completely paid him back btw) and the memories mean more to me than that money ever could. He argues I should’ve known they were going to be a hot item and bought more seats for the sole purpose of reselling.

I just say I didn’t buy them to resell, I bought them to go see my favorite artist. He just keeps listing the stuff we could pay off: my car or his student debt. Or the vacations we can take instead: Vegas, Disneyland. I just can’t give them up. Am I being irrational by not reselling them? AITA?

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NTA. Don't miss the concert. And bring a friend, not the boyfriend. He will be a jerk and ruin your night if you bring him. If he had something of value like this, would you insist he sell it?


Or…she can go herself, sell the extra ticket and use the money to be more independent form this dude.


If you've paid him back, he can suck eggs. NTA. And take note of his greed. That's a deeply unattractive trait and not the kind of thing that tends to change in a person's outlook. Is this a trait you want in your life partner?


Sell HIS ticket, go without him.


NTA. It’s not like you stole his card or didn’t pay him back. As a Swiftie, YWBTA if you sold these tickets for more than face value.

So, do you think the OP is being irrational or is her BF disrespecting her and what she's passionate about?

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