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Uncle sprays niece wearing white with hose after she won't stop bullying his son. AITA?

Uncle sprays niece wearing white with hose after she won't stop bullying his son. AITA?


"AITA for soaking my niece with a hose after I was told not to because she was wearing white?"


34m and a dad of 4. My babies are 13m, 11f, 11m and 8m. Our youngest has some significant sensory issues and anger management issues, which he is being evaluated for (important info for context). He's already been diagnosed with ODD but this goes beyond that.

My sister (34- my twin) has a 12yo daughter, 'Jane', who is a spoiled rotten kid- as she is an only child and my sister puts a whole new meaning to 'gentle parenting'. As in she doesn't parent, because her kid is just expressing herself and she doesn't want to parent out her personality, which sucks. I love my niece to the depth of my being but I do not like her or my sister. I don't know how else to put it.

On Saturday we had a memorial of life service for my uncle who passed away months ago. It was held at my brother's house. There was probably about 12 kids there. We got easily 40 of those 60 pack water balloon things and let the kids go ham. It was a huge ordeal.

However, my youngest at some point decided the water was too much for him to handle, said he was done playing and came to sit by me and dry off. He was being great, which I was grateful for because he has A LOT of bad days. But my niece kept coming up and throwing more water balloons at him after she was asked to stop.

It was causing him to spiral and he starts raging out, basically and my sister was telling me to calm my kid down and tell him to stop being a baby. My niece didn't want to get wet so every single time he went to throw one back, she would start screaming telling him to stop.

At that point my sister got involved as well and yelled at my son saying 'don't you dare, she said not to get her wet because she's wearing white and it'll be see through'. I told her to tell her daughter to stop throwing water balloons at my son because he had already said to stop and she said 'he's already f*^%#ng wet'.

So basically my niece was perfectly fine to throw sh*t at my kid, who had asked her to stop repeatedly, but they weren't letting him defend himself. The last time my niece came up to him, I spoke up and said 'don't even think about it, he said no'.

She didn't listen and threw it anyway so I grabbed the hose beside me and drenched her for a solid 30 seconds. She immediately starts crying and covering herself and goes to hang out in my sister's car.

My sister starts berating me and stating that I 'knew it was going to make her see through and decided to be a creep anyway'. My mom and father kicked her out for that comment. I'm getting texts from my BIL however stating that I'm a pig and what I did was uncalled for and abusive and that I would never be allowed around my niece again because I'm 'inappropriate'.

ETA: the 'dress' wasn't even all white. It had a white strip along her stomach. That's the only spot of white that was on her. The rest of the dress was dark.

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nta i’m a nanny and my rule is if your don’t want to get sprayed or have water balloons thrown at you that is perfectly fine but you don’t get to throw them at the other kids either.


This is basically the universal rule of water balloon & squirt gun fights. Once you become an enemy combatant, you are fair game.


I had a niece that would always attack my son. She'd hit, bite, scratch... My son is very gentle and doesn't like violence. Well, one day, after multiple bite attacks I told her dad 'Everything she does to him I'm doing to you for the rest of the night. You should stop drinking and get ready.' Funny how they started seeing the error in her ways after that.


should have soaked your stupid sister as well


Came here to say this. The sister needed a long hose blast right in the face until she STFU. Gentle parenting, my ass. If she were truly gentle parenting she'd never have said those awful things to/about OP's son.


Oh look, a “parent your own child or someone will parent it for you” in the wild.

Your child, the younger one in this situation, was getting hit with water balloons after being asked not to multiple times. But that was okay for sister dearest?

Sounds like your brat of a sister is raising a brat of a daughter. Remember that just because she’s your twin doesn’t mean you have to expose your children to her or her poor parenting

Edit to add: OP, you probably want to limit your exposure to people who would, without a second though, absolutely annihilate your reputation. Those accusations are not ones to mess with and you should never allow yourself to be in a situation that these assholes could use against you again.

The first time someone accuses you of inappropriateness were there was none is the last time that person should have the opportunity to do so. Reputations are shattered with less, and often aren’t rebuilt in this lifetime.

So, do you think this uncle was being 'inappropriate' or do you think his sister needs to seriously reconsider her parenting style?

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