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18 people share the worst experience they ever had with a neighbor.

18 people share the worst experience they ever had with a neighbor.


Sharing a building or neighborhood with a unique cast of characters is always an adventure...

Noise complaints, overhearing intimate moments or awkward arguments, avoiding eye contact with the well-meaning but talkative couple downstairs, a war of passive aggression with the college kids upstairs, or suffering through the cries of a baby that isn't yours--neighbors aren't always the people you go to when you need a cup of sugar. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst experience you have ever had with your neighbor(s)?' people were ready to vent about the nightmare that lived next door. No, your invitation to the block party didn't get 'lost in the mail'...


In the middle of the night strange noises would come from their apartment; like an owl mating with a German shepherd.

In another, if I breathed too heavily, they'd come up and ask me to be quieter. I once told them that I was literally sitting on the couch reading a book and had no idea what noise they thought they were hearing.

Another burned something in his oven. Rather than open his windows to get the smoke out, he opened his door to the hall and set off the whole building alarms. We had to all stand out in the cold and wait for the fire Department while he watched from his apartment.

The fire Department opened his windows and told him he was an idiot. We still had to wait outside for them to do mandatory checks of everything to make sure it really was just him being stupid. It was January. In New England. During a cold snap. - Dagonus


One time my neighbor drove through my fence, around 2 trees, and out the other side of the fence, claiming she had a bug in her eye - agups3


She wants us to tear out our driveway because gravity and water rolls downhill. She’s a loon. When the driveway was put in 25 years ago, it was all done by contractors and up to code. She’s threatened to sue us because her yard is at the bottom of the hill. We’re in Georgia and last year we had a BUNCH of rain. More than normal. So of f*cking course she had 3 inches of standing water.

She said she talked to a lawyer and her case was solid. And that she corroborated everything with our builder neighbor across the street. When intimidation didn’t work and hubby basically told her to f*ck off, we came home to a fence separating our properties.

Guess it was supposed to offend us? Anyway, that was the best fence ever! Guess what they say is true...great fences make great neighbors and we have talked to her in a year. - IanandAbby


There’s no proof that my neighbor did this, but I highly expect that he did it. I reported my downstairs neighbor for a noise violation because his music was shaking my apartment, and then for the next several months a bunch of things happened to my car.

My windshield got bashed it, my tires were flattened, and then my car got into a couple of times and some items were stolen. It stopped when I was talking with maintenance by his apartment door how I suspected that he was the person doing the things to my vehicle. I’m 99% sure it was him, but I have no evidence of him doing anything. - [deleted]


I'm probably someone's bad experience, although they don't know it's me yet. The malfunctioning smoke alarm in my apartment complex hallway has almost become a sort of bitter joke among my neighbors--it's been chirping multiple times a day for the past two months, but no matter what, maintenance just can't seem to make it stop.

What my neighbors don't know is that the smoke alarm only chirped consistently for about three days. Everything since then has been my parrot, who liked the sound so much that she's been mimicking it as often as she likes (read: 57+ times daily, this being about month 4).

They don't know I have a parrot. The woman immediately next door does think I have a dog, though, because the feathery little bitch also likes to bark and then scold herself for it. - criminyWindex


My across the hall apartment neighbor is married has two kids and he is so weird. Like just overall off putting. Anyways, I leave my sandals out next to my door( no shoes in the house) every night. It so happens one night I had to meet my best friend who came over in the dead of night at the front since she doesn’t know my place very well. As I open the door I catch him caressing and smelling my sandals. I freeze and just mildly freak. He saw me staring, did a weird giggle, said something about his kids calling him and then he yanked me into this weird side hug. Now I leave my shoes in a box inside my house. Ugh. - MsAtomicBomb97


I had this one downstairs neighbor that lacked any respect for the fact that our building wasn't sound insulated. He would listen to loud music mostly through the day and sometime late at night. I'm a patient person, tried to ask them to be careful, or sometime banged on the floor when I just wanted to sleep. This lasted for months, but nothing had yet been done with the landlord.

One day though I think he 'discovered' that he really, REALLY loved Gnarles Barkley's 'Crazy' and he decided it was appropriate to play it half a dozen times in the course of an hour, and I just had it. I really blew it. So, being a karaoke jockey and having my equipment on hand, I decided to show him what 'loud' was.

I connected my speakers to my computer through my console, then I went hunting for the absolute worst 'karaoke cover' of that same song. I remember vividly it was this creepy fat basement dweller in his late 40s dedicating the cover to a random 14 year old girl on the internet, and it was horribly off tune, the voice was this annoying falsetto...

So I played it. With the speakers flat on the floor so he'd get the full brunt of it. I played it 3 times in a row loud enough that he would definitely suffer the consequence of his lack of respect. And, wouldn't you know it, he never played that song again and he started being much more conservative in his volume levels. He left that summer and I never heard 'Crazy' again from his collection. I wonder why. - eslachance


My smart neighbors have put up 3 bird feeders on the trees where my parking spot is. I've literally woken up to quite sh*tty situations because of this. I genuinely don't think they did it to be malicious. I just didn't think they were thinking of what that would do. And now I don't know what I should do about it - MadelineShelby


When I first moved in my house I didn’t know my exact property line yet, so I put wood by a tree I thought was mine. Neighbor came over saying it was his tree. So I went ahead and got a survey to settle any troubles. He was pissed when I got 10 feet beyond the tree. Problems solved though! - icecreampopncereal


There was an old woman in my neighborhood when we first moved in that would rip down posters of lost pets, even ones handmade by little kids who wrote in crayon about their lost kitty. - [deleted]


My neighbor loves the song 'Yeah' by Usher. Like, she really, really loves it. I relive the early 2000s club hit almost daily. - lowbornTV


Came home to a an smoke filled apartment. Called the fire dept. when we couldn't find the cause. Turns out our downstairs neighbours put a charcoal grill on their stove so they could bbq indoors. My only relief was a friend had walked my dog earlier that day so I know he wasn't in a smoked filled apt all afternoon. Tldr: buy a carbon monoxide detector. - Faeriebee99


I was in the process of selling my townhome, so I abandoned my house for a while and moved to another home. Dude took down the fence separating our townhomes and cut down my lemon tree. I was livid. - BreakTheWallsDown95


She intentionally backed into my wife’s car because, she claimed, my wife was parked in her spot. That spot was on a public street. In front of our house. The cops saw it differently than she did. - ericdavis1240214


When I was around 10 years old: my neighbor would occasionally watch me open my mail box to see if my GameStop magazine had arrived. She would threaten me each time saying she was calling the cops and that it was illegal for me to check my parents' mail. I actually believed this until I was 15 years old. - mugniftw


My neighbor once sued me because my house was creating a shadow on his property. She said it was killing her grass - PotatoSenp4i


I had sh*tty neighbors for years. Lots of noise and general harassment. One night at 1:30am, they decided to party in the front yard with music, a fire and booze. I called the cops on them, hoping they would end it before my kids woke up. The cops came, and left.

I was watching from a dark window to see if they listened to the cops and wrapped it up. Instead, after the cops left, two of them - ADULTS - came to my porch, pissed on my door (knowing it was me who called)... and left. I went to the police the next day and called their landlord. They were evicted the following week. - PoorMrX


Next door neighbor was always creepy, he wanted us to always come inside and play with his cats. When he was moving out he offered me an Air Force jacket. I was about 10 at the time...He said if I wanted to get the jacket I had to come with him to get it from some guys house. After I told him I need to ask my mom he disappeared. To this day I think he wanted to abduct me. - Stiffwindd

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