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Man called a 'menace to the neighborhood' for sleeping nude and rising with the sun.

Man called a 'menace to the neighborhood' for sleeping nude and rising with the sun.


What you do in your own house is your own business. Unless, of course, everyone can see you.

When a frustrated young man felt that his neighbors were demanding too much of him, he came to Reddit to ask:

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for continuing to sleep nude despite my neighbors being able to see into my bedroom?'

hanging-Out28 writes:

So, I'm a 28 year old dude and have been living in my house for a few years now. One of the main reasons I chose this place was because my bedroom faced east, allowing me to wake up to the morning sunlight. Most mornings I wake up before my alarm goes off just because the sunlight coming through the window waking me up.

There used to be a treeline that provided a natural barrier between my house and any potential neighbors, so I never saw the need for curtains or blinds along with they are expensive as hell for the nice ones.

Sounds lovely!

Recently my neighborhood expanded and most of the treeline my bedroom was facing was cut down to build new houses. So boom, then there's a house was built right across from mine, and their window has a clear view into my bedroom.

I've always been comfortable sleeping nude, and it wasn't an issue when there were no neighbors around. But not long after the people moved in, the father from the house came over to my house and pretty much told me to stop being nude in front of my windows since his family can see inside my bedroom.

He wasn't nice about it. But, he wasn't mean either, just matter of factly. Like he gave me an order and fully expected it to be done, like I was his kid or his employee.

I was somewhat surprised but understood his concern, so I made an effort to be more mindful of my nudity when in view of the window. I stopped cleaning and making my bed before getting dressed. I'd hop out of bed walk into my closet and at least put on shorts then go about my morning chores.

That seems like a compromise to me.

That being said, I still sleep nude, and I occasionally end up being visible to the neighbors for a brief moment after waking up.

The father came over again, leading to an argument between us. I told him I was trying my best to be considerate, but there's only so much I can do and that it's my house and I'm not changing my lifestyle because they moved in.

He threatened to call the police and said I was being a 'menace to the neighborhood' whatever the hell that means. So, am I the a-hole for continuing to sleep nude even though my neighbors can see into my bedroom?

So, who is the jerk here? OP for letting it all hang out, or the father for treating him like an employee?

Here's what Reddit had to say...

KronkLaSworda has no doubts:

YTA (You're the a-hole). Stop flashing your neighbors. Get a shear curtain that allows sunlight in but doesn't show your bits and bobs.

jayneadams thinks:

ESH (Everyone sucks here). While you have every right to be naked and do what you want in your own home, your neighbors (and particularly their children) also should not have to see you naked without their consent. Your neighbors could get blinds/curtains but equally so could you.

If price is an issue, you could get one of those privacy films that attaches to the window with static. You can cut them to size. Could be more expensive than some cheapy curtains but will be cheaper than really nice blinds. I have some and love them. They let sunlight in without compromising my privacy.

Grand-Corner1030 says:

NTA (Not the a-hole). He can put up curtains to block his view of your house. He's asking/telling you to put up curtains so that he can keep his windows open; while you block the morning sun that you wake up to. Just like my Grandma who complains I never phone; like phones, curtains work both ways.

RandomGuy_81 comments:

I don't get why people don't realize. There are public indecency laws, if this person is in US. You can be naked in your home when you have expectation of privacy. If you dont block view into your home using blind, you lose that expectation of privacy and now you see in public view and under public indecency laws. I.e. you cant be full nude in public.

Sudo_Incognito has a suggestion for OP:

NTA but offering another simple solution, I got a bunch of that frosty rainbow window cling stuff so it distorts what you're seeing from the outside and actually makes the sunlight extra pretty. Plus you really only need to put it in the bottom part of the window to essentially blur out anything.

Aves667 writes:

YTA, curtains exist to let in the sunlight and also just show shadows. Whether they have curtains or not isn't the issue, they may be in their backyard or outside and can see you. You can sleep nude and walk around your house nude but why do you feel the need to show off your nudity to the world?

I wouldn't want to see my neighbours naked, would you enjoy getting flashed by a random person's genitals during the day ? I would hope not. Unless you live in a nudist colony, there are children around so I really don't understand your need to expose yourself to the outside world.

kenziecrystai adds:

And re: the 'menace to the neighborhood' thing, since you've been informed that your new neighbors (including children) can see into your windows, by continuing to not put curtains up and be naked in front of them, you're kinda knowingly exposing yourself to unconsenting parties (INCLUDING MINORS)..... not a good look. Get curtains.

So, what do you think?

Should OP do everything he can to protect his neighbors from his junk, or do the neighbors need to protect themselves?

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