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'AITA for exposing my neighbor's affair because it was affecting my sleep?'

'AITA for exposing my neighbor's affair because it was affecting my sleep?'


"AITAH For exposing an affair because it was affecting my sleep?"

Here's the what they posted:

So I'll start with understanding what I did wasn't exactly "right" but I regret nothing.

TLDR: My upstairs neighbors late night affair is affecting my sleep, so I found the wife online and messaged her. Problem solved.

My upstairs neighbor has been having an affair with a married man for about 4 months now. I wouldn't care, but because it's an affair he comes over at odd hours of the night and they have sex very loudly (I can hear a lot) and it wakes me up/prevents me from sleeping. How do I know it's an affair? He's never spent the night and his car has baby car seats in there.

Some back story, I've had issues with my upstairs neighbor prior to this. She would throw parties on monday nights, she gets home at 2am from work pacing her condo and having loud phone conversations. She's 40 years old throwing parties with 20y/o and having affairs and living like a teenager.

I tried to talk to her like a normal person about my concerns but she doesn't care and I've had to get the association involved to stop the parties. I hate her. So I decided to learn some more about this mystery man. I looked up the license plate, found an address, searched the address and found a name. Took the name and did some social media stalking and found the man and his wife's profiles.

I made a throw away account, messaged the wife about the affair. I haven't seen him now for a few weeks and I'm sleeping really nicely :)

EDIT: Since so many asking, I obtained the address via a website called infotracer

Do you think this person was wrong to prioritize their sleep over their respect for their neighbor's privacy (and infidelity)? Or are they a hero? Here's what commenters had to say:

AmanacerPoeta said:

NTA - Karma is a neighbor lol

Pickle-Rick-C-137 said:

Enjoy the sleep until his replacement. My upstairs neighbor would have a new guy every few weeks. Banging away and making noise. Then quiet for a bit until the next dude. Over and over.

And one dude, brand new, actually came to my door ,on a Friday night knocked loud and said "Your subwoofer is loud turn it off" I said fuck you, I don't know you and leave me alone. You guys make a lot of noise while banging and I say nothing. He left and never said another thing. Then he was gone and a new guy started going over. lol

bdayqueen said:

NTA - enjoy that sleep.

a-_rose said:

NTA she deserved to know now she can get an STD check and a divorce lawyer AND you can sleep at night. Never feel bad for exposing cheating AHs.

AppearanceGreen3674 said:

NTA first, it’s causing a disturbance for you, so you were completely right to reach out to the wife and discuss it. Secondly, I’m all up for ratting out dirty cheaters. They don’t deserve a speck of sympathy.

Miss_Honesty_ said:

NTA, you have now a great sleep and a women is free from a cheating husband. Everyone win !

Consensus: Hero! Do you agree?

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