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'Should I tell my neighbor I caught her husband cheating with our other neighbor?' UPDATED

'Should I tell my neighbor I caught her husband cheating with our other neighbor?' UPDATED


Should I tell my neighbor her husband is cheating on her?

Here's the original post:

Well, im not sure where to start, ive been living in this neighborhood my whole childhood, I (19F) know all my neighbors and especially the ones that live in front of my house, I babysit their children, they’re really sweet and lovely, the couple (Lets call them Kay [50something F] and Ted[50something M]) is kinda mean but I’m used to it, the people in here are very stuck up.

In the house next to that one, lives a woman (Hay [50F]) and her two kids who are the same age as the other children and I’ve had to babysit them a few times too. They’re all “best friends”. This family used to have a husband but she divorced him a few years ago so its now just her and the kids.

A few houses from mine live Kay’s parents, they can see the front porch of Hay’s house but not Kay and Ted’s. Im sorry if the explanation of the house placements is weird, but the street is kind of curved. I can see all three houses from mine.

A little bit more than a month ago I’ve noticed Ted and Hay talk which is not unusual but the way they behaved was flirty (I swear im not a nosy person I can just conveniently see everything). I didn’t think much of it though.

A few weeks later (about a month ago) Kay and her children went to visit family in the north while Ted stayed here, since he is working(i assume). Since then, ive seen Hay and Ted go out biking, going to dinner, walking, talking, but what’s suspicious is that they do that whenever Kay’s parents are out.

Ive also seen Ted climb up the fence separating his house from Hay’s (a part which is not visible from Kay’s parents house) at night, instead of walking to her front porch. That’s when i got concerned, I talked with my parents and they agree how suspicious everything is.

And yesterday was the confirmation, I was walking and right when I passed Hay’s house, they were inside kissing and all that stuff. My blood rushed, I feel so bad for Kay, the kids, everything, I’ve had this sense of dread since then, but I’m so conflicted, Kay probably wont ever find out if they get away with it, and I fear I might ruin their marriage if I let her know.

Should I be the nosy neighbor and let Kay know the piece of sh!t she’s married to and the backstabbing b!^ch she is friends with? Or should I just mind my business?

TL;DR: Neighbor is cheating on wife with other neighbor, I’ve seen it all happen, don’t know what to do.

Do you think she should've told him? Here's what commenters said:

Ok_Soup_8733 said:

I vote anonymous note! I would want someone to tell me.

whichwaydoigo00 said:

As someone who was in the dark about my partner's affair for 3 years, I wished someone had told me.

EmilyGram12 said:

YES. TELL HER. Her marriage is already ruined, she just doesn’t know it yet. She deserves to know. She’ll thank you later.

And 24-ScreamingFlowers wrote:

I wasted a lot of time with a cheater that all my friends knew about. In the end when it came to light I not only lost a lover but friends and neighbors that I legitimately cared for. I spent a long time wishing that even one of them would have had the guts to tell me the truth when I needed it. Its gunna be painful OP, but she deserves to know

A few months later, she shared this long-awaited update on the situation:

I posted a few months ago asking for advice on well, my neighbors affair. After I spent about a week trying to figure out if I should tell my neighbor, I managed to take a few pics of her husband and the other woman. Turns out, I didn’t even need to tell her.

Neighbor was back after the week and asked me to take care of the kids while she and her husband went out for the night. After they came back she took me aside to “talk about the kids”, welp, she asked me if I had seen something off about her husband while she was gone, because she suspected he was cheating on her but couldn’t find any proof and no one would tell her anything and all that stuff.

She said she’d appreciate it if I told her the truth. Amd of course she didn’t even have to finish talking, I whipped out my phone, showed her some pics, told her about the shady stuff and that was it. She thanked me and then I went home.

Long story short I spent the whole rest of the week with the kids. She straight up kicked his ass out, she gave him some choice words before of course, outside her house where all the other neighbors could see.

And this asshole has the nerve to take all of his thing and drumroll go live next door. With the neighbor. They didn’t last long in that house. I took care of the kids the rest of the summer and now they’re just waiting for the separation time to get a divorce.

Thats pretty much it, and to everyone who called me nosey, yes i am lol and what about it. And everyone who told me to mind my business, okay, I’ll make sure not to have a window next time.

TL;DR: Neighbor found out by herself and i just added a bit of info, kicked husband out.

And they all lived happily ever after!

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