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Woman asks neighbor to remove Ring doorbell facing her apartment; manager gets called.

Woman asks neighbor to remove Ring doorbell facing her apartment; manager gets called.


AITA for wanting my neighbor to remove her ring doorbell?

I’ve been living in my apartment complex for two years and it’s been wonderful. Recently a young woman moved in across from my apartment. We introduced briefly and apart from the noise made when she was having movers bring in her things, she’s very quiet and polite.

However there’s one thing that bothers me. She has a Ring doorbell on her door. Recently, I saw her leaving and asked her why she had it and that I was worried that she could see me in my apartment. She said she had it for packages and due to no peep holes on the door, and just extra security.

She showed me that yes it can see my door a bit but assured me she’s not on her phone all day checking it. I expressed my uncomfortableness and asked her to remove it. She told me she was sorry I was was uncomfortable but she was not spying on me and had a right to have one up.

She wasn’t breaking her lease and she had seen other people in the complex have one. I told her I don’t care about other people, I want it gone or I will be reporting her.

She told me not to bother and called our property manager regarding it because I got a visit from her asking to leave her and the doorbell situation alone. Am I really out of line for this?


NobleNO says:

Going against the grain to say NAH. I also would not want someone else to have a camera pointed at my front door, even incidentally. But, your building not having peep holes is a much bigger safety issue than your privacy concern, and her reasons for having the camera are valid.

Is there another solution here, like could she mount the camera in a different spot or at a different angle? I’ve never had a Ring so I don’t know how flexible the set up is.

supersecret235 OP's response:

She has it attached onto her door with some anti theft case or something.

Raccoonsr29 says:

I’m sure you don’t care that this reads like you tried to remove it. Her safety is a bigger priority than your nitpicking.

supersecret235 OP's response:

I haven’t touched it. I just know that’s what she did. I looked at it. Most rings I’ve seen are on the side of the door she actually has it on her door.

bibbiddybobbidyboo asks:

INFO: what country is this in?

supersecret235 OP's response:


From the comments:

Pronebasilisk says:

YTA - Just think of it as extra security that you don't have to pay for. I guarantee if something happens at your door step, the first thing you'll do is go to her for footage.

Bunnyprincess34 says:

And I hope she refuses to turn over the footage to you.

ghostdogtheconquerer says:

YTA OP and I just want to add to this, as a tenant attorney - she's allowed to have it. Property management confirmed this. You're not going to win this battle and will probably come out of this situation with a Notice to Quit for harassing another tenant.

And as a woman who lives alone - I have a ring camera, too. Because people can be scary.

Throwaway-donotjudge says:

NTA for feeling weird about a camera staring at you as you come and go. Consider setting up a light that shines directly into it and call it a 'night light'

BunnySlayer64 says:

YTA. A single woman living alone? I can think of few better reasons to have a RING doorbell. Unless you're leaving your door open and exposing yourself to her camera, or have lots of sketchy people at your door at all hours of the day and night, this should be a non-starter of an issue. Back off.

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