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Man agrees to share wifi with neighbor who is moving out, realizes they were being scammed.

Man agrees to share wifi with neighbor who is moving out, realizes they were being scammed.


'AITA for blocking my neighbor from using my wifi?'


So my neighbor, super nice dude (a bit needy, but very nice) stops by and says he is moving out of state in a month and he has been 'cleaning house'.

He cancelled his internet and wonders if he can use ours, specifically so he could 'get online and do his banking.' He was specific that was all he needed it for. I say, 'no problem, it's just a month.' and give him the password.

A week goes by, my stuff is running pretty slowly. Netflix buffering a lot, and my online gaming has become unplayable. I figure it's an Xfinity problem. I don't have the highest speed in the world, but I also rarely have problems because all my stuff is hardwired.

Another week goes by, two weeks left until the neighbor moves out. I pop onto my Xfinity account to view connected devices, I am surprised to see a new smart TV, PS4, tablet and phone.

Now I am upset. My neighbor said specifically 'all I need it for is online banking.' Do you bank from your tv and PS4, bro? I immediately ban all his devices, but don't say anything to him.

Immediately, my internet goes right back to normal. The next day, my neighbor stops by while I'm at work and asks my wife if our internet is down. She says 'no, hubby kicked your devices 'cuz it was interfering with his gaming.'

I saw him once or twice more, neither of us brought it up. Now he moved away, and I feel a little s***y 'cuz I could've tolerated slow internet for two more weeks. I was just mad he lied. AITA?

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


NTA he cancelled his internet too early and wanted to bum internet for a month. I would have kicked him off too.


NTA. He asked for the password for banking. Clearly, he was doing more and you dont owe him a thing.


ESH He should have been honest about the internet use. You should have communicated about the internet congestion before cutting him off.


Moochers aren’t owed an explanation.


NTA Your neighbor wanted to save some money and cancelled his internet subscription. He told you something plausible to get access and took full advantage of a month's free WiFi.

I love the neighbors' WiFi names that pop up if I get disconnected from our router. Apparently some neighbors must have figured out other people's passwords and were using other people's connections. My favorite was F-Off-Zippy.


Nta, he lied to get out of paying for internet for a bit longer and you were doing him a favour.


NTA. You agreed to help him given his needs, which he misrepresented. Everything beyond online banking was a breach of that agreement. That's really all there is to it.


He should have kept his internet until he moved. You where kind enough to let him use it for important stuff and he abused it. He could have done it from his phone or used his phone to create a Hotspot. You are NTA.

So, do you think the OP was getting played or was this a misunderstanding?

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