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Woman accidentally opens neighbor's delivery food, neighbor lady calls the cops on her.

Woman accidentally opens neighbor's delivery food, neighbor lady calls the cops on her.


There is nothing quite like the tunnel vision of hunger. When you're hungry, words blur into themselves, and all your previous convictions melt away at the sight of a long-awaited meal.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for opening a neighbor's take-out bag on accident. She wrote:

"AITA for opening a neighbor's take-out bag that came with my food?"

I ordered takeout tonight from a new rotisserie chicken restaurant, too tired from driving home from vacation. When it arrived I asked my husband to grab the food while I warmed the baby's bottle and got her food ready.

After I walked over to the table where he was unpacking the takeout bags, and he said "I didn't know you ordered from Five Guys", which is when we realized that someone else's food must have been mistakenly delivered to us. We didn't eat it, just set it aside in case someone came. A lady then knocks on our door and asks if we got a Five Guys delivery.

We said yes, but we had already opened it before we realized our mistake, but we hadn't eaten any. She left without a word, talking on her cell phone. About 10 minutes later there was another knock. To my surprise, the police were here and asked if I had ordered take-out and if the food was at my door. I explained our mistake, then basically said have a good night and left.

I feel bad for opening the food but it was an honest mistake. The police showing up has me questioning myself though.

Redditors had OP's back all the way.

dishonestgandalf wrote:

NTA. Honest mistake, you did exactly what you should have, hope you enjoyed the burgers!

EDIT: And I hope the police went back to the neighbor's door and charged her for false reporting.

Illustrious_Loss3791 wrote:

Is your neighbor normal? I wouldn’t call the police lol. At most, I’d call Door Dash and ask for the food to be remade and delivered since it’s kinda icky having someone open my food...even if not on purpose.

Walktothebrook wrote:

NTA. It was an honest mistake. Odd that she called police when she should have spoken to delivery service.

spaceylaceygirl wrote:

NTA- I've received wrong orders, called to say a mistake was made and to come back and bring it to the right person, and the delivery company told me to keep it! 90% of the time it was stuff I didn't even eat, lol!

One time I had the sweetest driver drop my order at someone else's house. I told him immediately and he zipped back, grabbed it, and got it to me. He was so apologetic but IU said it was all good and still gave him 5 stars.

OP is in no way TA here, her neighbor, however, has some serious issues.

Sources: Reddit
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