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Woman calls cops on neighbors for taking their own package from her porch. AITA?

Woman calls cops on neighbors for taking their own package from her porch. AITA?


Mr. Rogers never met this neighbor.

Prepare to meet the most powerful HOA supervillain.

'AITA For calling the cops on my neighbor after they took a package off my porch'


I (38F) live alone in the house I grew up in. It was left to me by my mother after she passed away 10 years ago. About 4 years ago, a couple about my age moved in next door and we've pretty much been at odds since day one. There have been numerous times and issues that we've disagreed on.

I have 3 cats that I sometimes let out into my backyard. My neighbors have a dog that would jump the 5-foot chain link fence separating our yards to chase my cats. I told my neighbors if I caught their dog doing it again, I would call the cops.

They actually had the audacity to ask if I would be willing to split the cost of a taller privacy fence instead of, you know, training your dog not to jump the fence.

Obviously, I refused as I wasn't the one causing the problem and the fence is technically on their property anyway. They ended up putting in a taller fence.

Then, they asked me to split the cost of taking down an Ash tree that was on their property. It had become infested with some bug that killed the tree and dead limbs were falling on their driveway.

They had the city come out and the survey guy said the tree was actually about 10% on my property. I told them the tree was theirs and if they want it down, they'll have to pay for it because I don't have a problem with it.

Needless to say, we're not friends. They've also thrown some loud, late-night parties that included bonfires and loud music that I had to call the cops for as well.

I am currently out of town visiting family for a couple weeks. I have a friend who comes over to my house everyday to check on my cats and check for mail and packages. I have medication for my cats that are delivered regularly.

I got a notification the other day that some packages were delivered, so I texted my friend to let them know. But before my friend could get there, I got a notification from my Ring doorbell.

I pulled up the live feed and saw my neighbor on my patio. I asked him what he was doing and he said a package of theirs got delivered to my house by mistake so he was just grabbing it.

I told him to leave and that my friend would bring over his package when she comes over. He said he's not waiting for that and tried to leave. I told him if he takes a package from my porch I'm calling the cops.

He shoved the package in front of the camera and said 'That's my name and address, OP. I'm taking my package.' Then he walked away. So, I called the police and told them that he stole a package from me and I have video proof. They said they would investigate.

When my friend got there a little later, the police were talking to my neighbors. The police must have left while she was checking on my cats, because when she went to leave it was just my neighbors outside.

The husband yelled at her to tell me that I'm a huge a**hole and that I need to take the police off speed-dial and let them deal with more important sh!t instead of using them as my own personal problem-solving service.

So...woof. Right?

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YTA. Your neighbour showed you the package that was clearly theirs and you started shit anyway. Wtf? Honestly, from what you've said, your neighbours aren't the problem here, you are.


YTA. They sound like absolutely awful neighbours, and under any other circumstances I'd side with you in a second. But you called the cops and accused them of stealing THEIR OWN PACKAGE.

They didn't steal from you. They fetched something that belonged to them off your porch. And while yes, I suppose they were trespassing, if you get medication delivered then you know that sometimes packages can't wait, and perhaps this was a situation like that . . . and it doesn't sound like you cared to listen to anything they had to explain.

If you want to be seen as the better person than your AH neighbours, then you have to actually BE the better person.


YTA - sure. You dont get along. But stop calling the cops for trivial matters! Do you actually think the they were stealing a package or were you just trying to continue this grudge and be petty.


YTA. It wasn’t yours nor was it stolen. I get not wanting people to come on your porch, but he was already there and showed you his name on the package. Calling the police after that was super petty and childish.

The police do not exist to solve neighborly disputes. You DO need to stop calling them. Their dog in your yard, annoying parties and taking their own misdelivered packages back are simply not grounds for law enforcement. Get a grip


YTA. You sound like the miserable neighbor in this scenario, not them.


You know, I really wanted to think that this was an everyone problem -- a two-sided feud between neighbors that is slowly getting out of hand. But the more I read this, the more I think YTA and any sympathy I have for you regarding your neighbors' activities is merely the result of the spin you've placed on events. I think you are that neighbor.

To the point on this current event, you know what things you've ordered. Even if you can't read the name and address held up to your camera, you ought to be able to determine with 10 minutes' effort whether that even could have been your package or not.

I bet it wasn't. I bet it was their misdelivered package, and they didn't trust you to get it to them if they didn't take the initiative and reclaim it themselves, given the obvious animus you hold toward them. I don't think I blame them.

Oh, and for the record, if that tree was 10% on your property, then in most US jurisdictions it is considered a 'boundary tree' and the two property owners share joint responsibility. You should have offered your proportional 10% of the removal costs.

In the interest of trying to be nonbiased as the author of this article, do you think that the OP was right to involve police in this misunderstanding? Have you ever had a neighbor that waas just impossible to deal with?

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