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Aunt is blamed for niece's night terrors. Sis says, 'stop playing violent video games.'

Aunt is blamed for niece's night terrors. Sis says, 'stop playing violent video games.'


When this woman is annoyed for being blamed for her niece's sleep issue, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying it’s my sister’s own fault my niece has night terrors and not mine?'

I (f18) live at home with my mom, dad, brother and sister. My sister is 29 and has a 8 year old daughter. She moved back in due to relationship issues with her husband and stuff. I play a lot of different games on my ps4.

Lately i’ve been playing GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and if you’re not familiar with it, to put it simply, it’s not kid friendly. It has nudity, violence, blood, strong language, strong sexual content, and nothing anyone wants their child under 16-17 to play.

So when i play, i keep my room door closed so i don’t have to worry about my niece watching it. I tell my niece she’s not allowed in my room, mostly because she goes through my stuff and just doesn’t listen. Here’s where the main issues comes up.

My sister thinks because i attend classes from home and don’t exactly do anything outside of going to school and playing games that’s i’m a free babysitter. I’m not worried about getting paid btw, it’s the fact that she’ll send my niece to me and i’m supposed to be expected to get off my game and let my niece play or watch tv.

Lately, my niece has been sneaking into my room and i yell at her to get out but she literally never listens. My sister won’t get her out of my room until she’s ready to. Because of this, there’s been a lot of times where she’s seen my character die or she’s seen me killing people in game.

Today, my sister came into my room yelling at me saying my niece has been having night terrors and it’s my fault. She’s been fussing to my mom and dad about it all day and now they want me to play kid friendly games or no games at all.

I told them no one else is to blame but my sister because she allows my niece to come into my room or she forces her in so i can babysit. Also she's the one with the unstable family life. Maybe THAT's why she's having night terrors. Now i’m being labeled as an AH for blaming my sister and expected to apologize and stop playing the “non kid friendly” games. So, AITA?

Let's find out.

fineasferb writes:

YTA. Honestly, your game is probably causing her night terrors. I get that it's your house, but try to be respectful of a young girl that is going through something. She's your niece. PLAY WITH HER. Stop playing your game.

elcatman writes:

NTA, that is not your child nor tour responsibility, if mom had an issue with what your niece sees, maybe she should, idk be a mom and watch her child. Yeah yeah, takes a village to raise a child but this is just lazy parenting at work.

photobears writes:

NTA. You are not responsible for your sister’s child. You are not free labor. You have the right to privacy and to play the games you want in your own room. Your niece’s night terrors are the logical consequences of your sister refusing to teach her daughter to respect your privacy. AND she's probably having them because of her unstable home life.

Looks like the internet is torn on this. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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