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Man roasts brother in front of brother's blind pregnant GF, whole family is humiliated.

Man roasts brother in front of brother's blind pregnant GF, whole family is humiliated.


When this man is feeling conflicted about his behavior, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for making a joke about my brother to his blind gf ?'

I (22M) have an older brother (27M) who's been dating this girl (around same age) for quite some time.

My brother wasn't as lucky in the gene pools as me and he isn't someone you'd consider conventionally attractive. He's a good guy, just not lucky with girls or dating in general.

Well, his girlfriend is blind (and also the hottest girl my brother has managed to pick up) and yesterday they've had a family gathering to announce that she's pregnant. While it wasn't a planned pregnancy, they do plan to keep the baby.

My brother's gf started saying how lucky she is that she'd found a man like my brother, as most men she'd met were only interested in having sex with her and didn't want to be tied down to a blind person and I made a joke about how most women wouldn't even look at my brother, so he's also just as lucky that he found someone like her.

I thought people would laugh at my joke, but instead it just created an awkward atmosphere and my brother just looked embarrassed.

Soon enough the gathering ended and my parents approached me to say that I was out of line with what I said about my brother, especially knowing how much he struggled with insecurity issues when it comes to his looks and that I should apologize to him for ruining such a celebratory moment for him.

I don't understand how my joke could've ruined my brother's moment, especially cause I've always made jokes about his looks an he'd always laugh them off, but my parents insist I apologize to him for what I said at the gathering. AITA or are my parents just overreacting ?

Let's find out.

encartrus writes:

God, you are that asshole. You put down your brother AND his partner at the same time. What you said: 'He doesn't stand a chance with anyone but a blind girl, and blind girl is too blind to realize she's been duped.'

You called them both losers at the same time, as a response to them declaring their love to eachother and during a party celebrating their child, which (you also just implied) will now have the same ugly traits as your brother in proxy.

You aren't just an asshole, you are a monster. I'd drop you out of my life permanently for something like this if I were either of them. YTA.

DCwillouby writes:

YTA Seriously! 'I have traditionally bullied my brother, so it's fine. His wife is blind anyway, so I can include her in the joke, who cares' WOW. Jealousy reared its green head.

tango241 writes:

I read through it thrice and it was horrible to each person involved MULTIPLE times. Even as mentioned above the implication that the child would lose the gene lottery from both parents (though I’m unsure about the mother), was just… uncalled for.

They might even question their own relationship. As OP mentioned it was “just a joke” and he didn’t articulate anything about their relationship at all. This is horrible. YTA.

Well, looks like OP is a monster. Any advice for him going forward? How will he make up for this horrible incident?

Sources: Reddit
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