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Dad gets 'remodeling' revenge on pregnant daughter after son-in-law disrespects him.

Dad gets 'remodeling' revenge on pregnant daughter after son-in-law disrespects him.


When this man is appalled by his family, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for cancelling my daughter's bathroom remodeling after her and her husband's behavior?'

My daughter (M) was pregnant and wanted her bathroom redone. I have 2 contractors who are very close friends of mine. I offered to remodel her bathroom 5 months ago but her husband declined. Then a month before she was due, they asked if we could do it. I scheduled it with contractors, even though she was very close to her due date. (We told her she should wait). Regardless, she wanted to move forward.

We started on Saturday and Wednesday night she tells us she is being induced the next day. We work as fast as we can and get to the point where we are hooking the toilet back up and ready to set the tub. Then my contractor that does the plumbing gets covid. So with a newborn at home by Saturday, I don't want him in the house obviously.

So daughter and husband come home Saturday morning and I suppose the guys didn't sweep well enough so she loses her sh*t and starts crying about how the bathroom isn't done and the house is a wreck. Spoiler: They live in filth, it was always a wreck.

Anyways, I wait til Monday to reach out to her to see if we can come over to finish. She tells me they already have a guy coming to install the toilet and that she would like her car keys back. I drive over to drop off the keys, and her husband is waiting for me at the door. He grabs the keys and slams the door in my face.

Okay, so my daughter texts me later that day and says that she's going to have a contractor finish the rest because we lied to her about the timeline and I am holding this project over her head. I am furious now, so I calmly tell her that I will be back that day to pick up anything that hasn't been installed and they can finish as they see fit.

I figure, if her husband can slam a door in my face when I am trying to gift a 10-15k remodel to them, then I don't need to supply materials for this anymore and they can figure it out. He then texts me 'F#$% you you ruined my paternity time. I want nothing to do with you. You'll never see your granddaughters again.' (a longer string of insults but you get the picture.).

I calmly responded to him that it sucks to use your kids as a weapon on their grandparents, but he had to do what he had to do. Now his mom is calling us because they cannot afford the remodel AND he stays off from work like planned. My thought is why should I gift anything to a guy to who I've already given 10's of thousands of assistance when he talks to me like that? I feel like I'd be a chump.

Also, side note, we offered to have them stay with us while the bathroom was being completed. It would have been done 3 days later than expected. AITA?

Let's find out.

guineapickle writes:

NTA This sounds so full of chaos and drama. Your daughter and her husband clearly are the types who blame other people for their own bad does suck that your grandchildren are being used to terrorize you into doing what they want, but if you capitulate to that sort of manipulation it's all downhill from there. I wouldn't be surprised if your daughter ends up at your house with the kids and a suitcase one day really soon.

haterschaos writes:

NTA but keep in contact with your daughter please. She may need you as a support system if she ever leaves. This guy sounds abusive and like he is extorting your daughter to ask you for more and more money. Cut them off financially to speed up this divorce.

excellentcare8 writes:

NTA though to be honest I think I would have refused to even start the remodel 1 month before the due date. I think that was your first mistake (doesn’t make you an asshole) for the rest, it all sucked that she had to be induced and the contractor got COVID but that is life. Your SIL seems like a massive asshole.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

Sources: Reddit
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