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Employee copies CEO on emails to coworkers who are ignoring her; CEO is pissed. AITA?

Employee copies CEO on emails to coworkers who are ignoring her; CEO is pissed. AITA?


"AITA For CC'ing the CEO on emails for my coworkers who don't respond?"

I work for a company of 10,000+ people within customer service. At my office, there are a lot of people who don't respond to my emails and those that do sometimes take days.

This has been frustrating me recently. If I need a certain document/etc, I have to practically chase down the person to get it. Given that most of us are now working from home, this has made the problem worse. I decided to start including the Chairman/CEO of our company on all emails to coworkers who either never respond/or are very slow.

To give some examples, IT is usually slow so when I had an issue with my laptop last week, I included the CEO on it. There was another case where a customer had a question that I didn't know the answer to, so I told the customer I'd get back to him and emailed the coworker (as well as CC'd in the CEO) my question. I've only been doing this for a week but the response rate has been fantastic.

My supervisor called me up and told me to stop doing this, and I explained the problem to him. He nonetheless still told me to stop and I agreed to it. However, I am planning on resuming if my coworkers start ignoring me again. I haven't gotten a response from the CEO either so I don't think it's really a big deal? To people who are asking, I am 22 years old.

Let's find out.

akneelingboss writes:

Gentle YTA. Completely understand the frustration of repeatedly being ignored, but ccing the CEO without their explicit invitation to do so makes you look insane. Your boss has asked you to stop, because the CEO has complained and told them to make you stop. So for your own sake, stop.

You act like you should be the top priority of everybody else. And that if you aren't the highest authority in your company should be aware to correct the situation. You're not that important. You're going to get yourself fired.

basketcase8 writes:

NTA: keep doing this. Show all these people they are wrong; you are in the right here. You are showing that you think differently from the rest. You have cleverly figured out a painless and simple way to outsmart your coworkers.

You are clearly a go getter and shouldn’t be condemned for such a brilliant idea. I’m sure the CEO doesn’t care. Your supervisor is obviously annoyed he didn’t think of such a good idea.

stresseddepressed8 writes:

ESH. I get why people are saying OP is TA but no one's bothered to mention the fact OP's supervisor is letting this lazy behavior run rampant in his division. That's a problem. If I was the CEO of a company I'd want to know if one of my employees (in spite of all this situation) is getting ignored by people who should also be doing their jobs.

outsidepr writes:

YTA here. First of all, there are a ton of different ways to handle the problem. Second of all, the CEO of a 10,000-employee company just won't notice or care. Well, strike that; if she does, it'll lead her to shove it down the pipeline and it'll eventually bite you in the ass. ('Who is this person? Make them stop' would be a mild rebuke).

Corporate hierarchy kind of sucks, but for a business this size, there are multiple levels above you to work with and resolve the matter.

Looks like the internet is torn on this issue. Should OP continue doing this? Are they in the wrong? What do YOU think?

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